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Funny Animal Parents Are Annoyed By Their Kids

 Being a parent is a wonderful experience, but every parent knows, from time to time it can be a little bit overwhelming... and that’s OK. No need to be upset and think you’re a bad parent if you need some personal space, or if you feel like you reacted too emotionally to another stunt your kids pulled. As these photos will prove, even our cute animal relatives get annoyed by their kids from time to time.
Can you relate to the animals in these pictures? Even if you don’t, these photos are guaranteed to make you smile and love animals even more.
 “He has been sleeping like this for hours…”
funny annoyed animals: labrador puppy sleeps on mother's head
“I will protect you, mom, don’t you worry!”
funny annoyed animals: baby cheetah covers mother's head
 “How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not your squeaky toy!”
funny annoyed animals: husky puppy bites adult husky's head

“What is it behind your ear, daddy?”

funny annoyed animals: bear cub touches adult bear's ear
“And you think having twins or triplets is difficult?”
funny annoyed animals: mother retriever nurses her puppies
“No peeking, mom!”
funny annoyed animals: baby rhino sits on adult rhino's head
“Are you awake yet, mommy? It’s 6AM already”
funny annoyed animals: puppy bites adult dog's ear
“Parenting is easy, they said…It will be a lot of fun, they said…”
funny annoyed animals: kittens sleep on their mother
“Let’s play that game where you all sit still for 5 minutes.”
funny annoyed animals: tiger cubs play with adult tiger
“I’m hungry, I want dessert.”
funny annoyed animals: baby seal plays with adult seal
“Daddy, the other kids said I’m adopted, is it true?”
funny annoyed animals: baby raccoon sits on a labrador's head
“If you pull on my hair one more time, you’re walking home, mister!”
funny annoyed animals: baby orangutan sits on adult orangutan's back
“Enough play time I said, we’re going home!”
funny annoyed animals: adult panda bear scruffs panda cub
 “I need a life…”
funny annoyed animals: baby jaguar plays with an adult jaguar
 “Please, hold him for only a few minutes.”
funny annoyed animals: adult otter holds baby otter in its paws
“Attack in 3…2…1…”
funny annoyed animals: lion cub plays with a lioness
“This is MY special place, please leave.”
funny annoyed animals: cat and kittens lay in a sink
“What do you mean there isn’t enough room for you all?”
funny annoyed animals: baby opossums sit on an adult opossum
“This is my life now.”
funny annoyed animals: kittens climb onto an adult cat
“Just you wait until your dad comes home from work.”
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