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Parable: The Obstacle in our Path

 There was once a wealthy king who decided to place a large boulder in the middle of a frequently used road. The king hid behind some bushes along the side of the road to see what the people of the kingdom would do when they encountered the large boulder. 

The first people he saw pass were the wealthiest squires and merchants in the kingdom. Some just walked around the boulder, while others complained about the king not making sure the roads were clear. However, not one of them tried to move the boulder out of the way. boulder
Next, the king saw a peasant holding a basket of vegetables coming down the road. When he reached the boulder, instead of walking around it as the others did, he put down his basket of vegetables and started pushing the boulder aside. After much effort, he was finally successful in moving the boulder to the side of the road. 
As the peasant picked his basket back up and got ready to continue down the road, he saw a purse lying in place of the boulder. The peasant opened the purse to find it filled with gold coins and a note from the king which said the gold was for the person who moved the boulder. 
At that moment, the king taught the peasant what many of us could not understand:
“Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our situation.”
If you are met with struggles or hard times, or simply just a boulder in the road, try to face it instead of just walking around it. you never know what might be waiting underneath…
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