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10 Incredible Big Cat encounters

 Big cats are fascinating creatures. So like and unlike out little pet friends, big cats are seen by most as incredibly dangerous predators, and they are! But to every animal, there seems there is an animal whisperer. For big cats, and especially cheetahs, that man is Dolph C. Volker. Dolph has spent most of his life with big cats, and he has an uncanny feel for the large, beautiful predators. Here are some of his best videos, some will make your heart flutter, while others will fill it. What's for sure, his is a fascinating profession.


Turning Your Back to Big Cats
Dolph compares leopards and cheetahs' style of ambush by turning his back to them. This is something only a big cat expert could do safely! A simple test that shows the difference between these 2 predators.
A night with the cheetahs
Dolph goes inside the cheetah enclave by himself, to cuddle with the napping cheetahs. Will they accept his presence?
Another nightly visit
In another night visit, Dolph pushes the envelope even further by getting into the middle of this cuddly, furry, big-cat pile.
Taking a nap with your favorite cheetah
Dolph has a favorite! This cheetah is a great day-nap partner, and Dolph shows us that although they are dangerous predators, familiarity and the right approach can do wonders.
Do big cats remember you're gone?
Dolph returns after a year to see if one of the cheetahs remembers him. Watch the awesome reunion of these two old friends.
Using a cheetah as a pillow
Would you DARE use a cheetah as a pillow? Dolph does, and his big cat friend seems quite comfortable with the situation.
Which cats play with a laser pointer?
Did you think only house cats play with a laser pointer? Big cats are just as attracted to the bizarre red dot jumping around, and in this video, Dolph shows us which of the big cat breeds likes it best!
Cheetahs vs. Meerkats
Meerkats are remarkable creatures, and although jumpy little things, can show amazing courage when making friends with some creatures much, MUCH bigger than they are! This adorable video proves it and gives us a different look at these Cheetahs. 
Big cat pool party
It's party time! And for big cats, having a bit of a pool or any body of water to play around with is super fun. Watch as these different big cats show what they have in common.
African Black Leopard in heat
This one is a bit scarier, as we see a black leopard in heat making some outrageous and scary noises, but we also see the other side of her. Another fascinating look at the true face of a big cat.
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