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The Complete Guide to Using Perfumes Correctly

 Buying a pleasant perfume doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll do the job properly and that its scent will blend in well with our skin. It turns out that there are some basic rules for using perfume that most people aren’t aware of at all, and if you don’t know how to use your favorite perfume properly, you won’t get the best use out of it and may even repel people instead of attracting them. If you want to make the most of your perfume, familiarize yourself with the following 6 rules for purchasing and using them.

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1. Make sure your toiletries and perfumes blend well

If you are using perfume and at the same time applying a deodorant or body lotion, it’s important that you buy products that are compatible with one another to enhance the aroma and not be left it a bad combination of odors. Ideally, your body lotion and deodorant shouldn’t have any scent if you use perfume as well, but if you still choose to buy those with a scent, try choosing products from the same company with matching scents.

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2. Use different types of perfume for day and night

Don’t forget that you aren’t the one smelling your perfume, rather it’s the people around you, and not all perfumes were created for all times of day in terms of intensity. In the daytime, it is always recommended to use fragrances with delicate scents that won’t be overpowering in the office. In the evening, when going out crowded places, you can use fragrances with stronger scents that will emphasize your presence.

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3. Spray perfume on your skin only

This is one of the most important rules about perfume: Spray perfume on skin only, not on clothes. Fur, cotton, wool, and linen are fabrics that hold smells, and if you change your perfume, the scents will mix which can be rather unpleasant. In addition, if you spray perfume on thin fabric you might leave a stain on it that will be difficult to remove.

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4. Spray perfume on the right parts of your body

These are the areas you should be spraying perfume on:

Behind the ears and on the wrists

In these areas, blood vessels move close to the skin, and your pulse and body heat will help spread the scent.

Important: Avoid using oil-based perfumes behind the ears as there are a lot of fat glands in the area.


Hair holds the scent of perfume and keeps it throughout the day until it’s washed. However, you should remember that alcohol-based perfumes may cause your hair to become dry, so don’t spray them directly on the hair, but rather on your brush and then gently brush through your hair.

Important: Oil-based perfumes are not recommended for use on hair because they can cause hair to become oily.

Nape of the neck

Of all the different areas of the body, the skin at the back of the neck best preserves the fragrance of perfume, and it stays on for a long time.

Important: It is recommended to spray perfume on the neck only in the winter or autumn, because the heat of summer and spring may cause the smell to be too strong and therefore unpleasant.

The inner arm by the elbow

Fragrance experts claim that this area is more suitable for perfumes than the neck or even the wrists.

Important: Please note that skin in this area is very sensitive, so there is a higher risk of allergic reaction when applying fragrances to this area. If you have generally sensitive skin, avoid applying perfume here.

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5. Don’t rub perfume into your skin

Many people make the mistake of rubbing perfume in, especially on the wrist. If you do this, you’ll destroy the molecules of the perfume and thereby disrupt the quality of its scent. Either spray or gently apply perfume with your fingers, do not rub it in.

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6. More tips 

With the following tips you can keep your perfume properly over time and know how to choose a quality perfume:
  • Store perfume in a cool area.
  • Do not spray perfume on jewelry, because it can oxidize and destroy it. In addition, metals have their own scents that don’t fit well with that of perfumes, meaning doing this will only result in bad smelling jewelry.
  • If you want to strengthen the scent of your perfume, use an odorless moisturizer on the skin in the area where you plan to spray it because the fragrance of perfume increases when it’s applied to oily skin.
  • A cheaper perfume that is light and pale in color and smells slightly like alcohol is clearly a poor-quality product.
  • You can add a few drops of your perfume to your shampoo or moisturizer to add scent, just be sure to incorporate appropriate scents.


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