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In a Backyard Far, Far Away - Charming Child's Tale!


In a backyard far, far away...
 2 houses against a wall.

One is quite big,

the other quite small.

In one lives

a huge beast of a dog

in the other,

a hairy canine,

no larger than a frog.

the best of neighbors

are those two,

they take turns howling,


They don't live indoors,

but guard day and night

from those evil cats

they won't get a bite.

"The food is ours!"

Barks the giant,

"and we won't share!"

"The food is ours,"

Squeeks the other,

"It's only fair!

the yard? Ours as well!

and If you won't leave

we'll bark and we'll yell!"


They yell and they bark,

chasing felines up fences,

and into the dark.

Alone they stand

one snorts, one stamps

no one messes

with these two champs.

But then there sounds 

a weird ring, a call,

a tiny bell of a voice

a kitty had a fall.

Running too fast,

it collapsed on the ground

now crying for mommy

but she's not around.

They approach it with wonder

those two so brave

not sure what to do,

or how to behave.

To bark, run and yell

is all fine and good,

but they never caught a cat

and here one stood.

A creature so tiny,

still a cat they face

and if they knew their parts

they were to bark and chase.

And then its eyes

so large and bold.

It looked at them shivering,

two circles of gold.

First a little tilt 

of a tiny head

then suddenly a whine,

and the big one gets bread.

These two have a secret,

this we will tell,

both were girls

wishing to be moms

as well.

Gently they escort it,

inside their mansion

it's warm there and cosy,

no barking, no tension.

And between warm bodies,

a kitty sleeps sound

fed well and pampered

by these kind hounds.

Morning yawns

as light touches wall

big and small dogs

and a little cat in a ball.

When a soft purr is heard

and a ball takes flight

up the fence it goes

and hugs a mother tight.

In a blink they are gone

both child and mother

while four eyes watch

with new shining wonder.


Today there's no barking,

no yelling no chase

two dogs here live,

but don't own the place.

They share it with glee

with cats big and small

and this yard is known

to welcome them all.

Thus our story ends

with two ladies smitten,

no bark, no yell

just playing with kittens...


Submitted by: Shai K.

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