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14 Wonderful and Enlightening Quotes About Rest

 Sitting with your legs up, head on a soft pillow, arms spread, eyes closed, and just relaxing and forgetting all your troubles ... Is there anything better than that at the end of a hard day or a busy and tedious weekend? Some people think that this is a waste of time, but a little laziness hasn’t hurt anyone, and on the other hand, a momentary respite from the pressures of life are undoubtedly essential to our peace of mind.
So whether you are a business person working around the clock, parents who don’t have time for themselves or simply the kind of person who has trouble relaxing and disconnecting - you should read the following 14 inspirational quotes. They come to you from famous writers and intellectuals who praise the importance of relaxation and rest, and when such qualified sources advise you to do so, there is no reason not to put aside all your worries for a moment and just rest...


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