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Escape the Noise by Visiting These 7 Peaceful Places

The world has felt like such a stressful place to be in these past twelve months, hasn’t it? While the unrelenting pace of modern life can make anyone restless, 2020 really tested the best of us as the pandemic just changed our world upside down. The majority of us have still not recovered from the ghosts of 2020 and even though there’s hope on the horizon now, it will take some time for us to recover from the mental strain we have had to endure. 
We all want a break right now and get away from the constant bad news. What could help is to be is a place where we can just get some "me-time", where we would be surrounded by some pleasant sights and can just calm down and not think about anything. Well, the places we have mentioned below can be perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet amidst all the ongoing craziness. Check them out.

1. Seven Sisters, England

Relaxing Places in the World, Seven Sisters
Located on the coast of England's East Sussex between Seaford and Eastbourne, the Seven Sisters – named so because of the seven hilltops that encompass the silhouette of the cliffs – are one of England's great natural wonders. These majestically beautiful chalk cliffs are so serene to look at and are easily one of the most peaceful places you can imagine yourself to be in. Apart from being so incredibly gorgeous, the stark white cliffs have a distinct purity about them that you are unlikely to find in many places. 
The rolling paths along all the seven cliffs end at a wonderful café, where you can treat yourself to some nice goodies while admiring the breathtaking landscape.

2. Ise Jingu, Japan

Relaxing Places in the World, Ise Jingu, Japan
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Known as "the soul of Japan," Ise Jingu includes 125 Shinto shrines dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. While it’s extremely popular, the place is never too crowded and always provides a relaxing and tranquil environment. Every year, more than 1,500 rituals are conducted here to pray for the imperial family and for the peace of the world.
Also referred to as the home of the Japanese spirit, you can feel the origins of Japan in this sacred site. Ise Jingu has been a place to correspond with nature for more than 2,000 years and the location attracted tourists from the days before railways and cars. With the cedar trees and a clear running stream in the shrine complex, you will find very few environments in the world as soothing as this. Even a short stroll around the place is sure to make you feel calmer and more focused. 

3. Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Relaxing Places in the World, Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
We are all aware of the remarkable natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. But not many people have heard of the mountainside Swiss village of Gimmelwald which is almost like a little slice of heaven. This remote little village is hidden away in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland and sits at an altitude of 4,500 feet (1,371 m). There are hardly any modern vehicles to be found on the streets of this traffic-free town that has a population of fewer than 150 people. 
The sleepy village is just the perfect place for those seeking some quiet time. Not much happens here – you won’t find great tourist attractions or glitzy restaurants. Instead, you will come across many cozy timber homes that line the streets. It is the ideal location to simply spend some time gazing at the mountains and the clouds or soak in the natural greenery that is sure to invigorate your senses.

4. Bamboo Playhouse, Malaysia 

Relaxing Places in the World, Bamboo Playhouse, Malaysia 
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
This charming architectural wonder is a public pavilion located in Kuala Lumpur’s Perdana Botanical Gardens situated on a lake island. Built by Malaysian architect Eleena Jamil, the Bamboo Playhouse features tree-like columns and a floor made up of 31 elevated platforms. The unique structure of the place is based on traditional Malaysian pavilions and is mainly used as a playground. The structure also consists of a series of hanging “tree-houses” made of bamboo baskets, where people can savor the tranquil views of the lake.
Moreover, the environment here is so serene and the aura of the place is so soothing, that you are bound to feel naturally relaxed. 

5. Glastonbury, England

Relaxing Places in the World, Glastonbury
The mystical market town of Glastonbury in Somerset, England is known for its rich history of spiritual pilgrimage. A classically English place, Glastonbury is teeming with quaint buildings with golden stone and several ancient religious structures. The town has been recognized as a spiritual center since the megalithic era and is the site of the first Christian church on the British Isles. 
Glastonbury is the ideal place for someone to reflect and relax as you take a view of the town’s various bookstores, curious shops, and pilgrimage spots. You can also take part in the “Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour” here that has been created to foster quality intimacy among those who like to be a little reserved and offers communication, sharing, and connection.

6. Nevis Island, the Caribbeans

Relaxing Places in the World, Nevis Island, the Caribbeans
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
The Caribbean island of Nevis is often regarded as the world’s most secretive offshore. The pristine blue waters, white sands, and lush vegetation of this secluded island are absolutely perfect to rejuvenate your soul and refresh your mind. 
Nevis is truly a gift for those who like raw nature and a relaxed way of life. The best thing about the place is that it’s not crowded or overrun with tourists and offers plenty of spaces to explore. You can also mingle with the locals and discover the rich culture of the place that’s a blend of Amerindian and Afro-Caribbean traditions.
Most of the hotels on the island are family-run. Thus, you can book one and then spend quality me-time at the beach, which you can often have literally all to yourself.

7. Lapland, Finland 

Relaxing Places in the World, Lapland, Finland 
The northernmost part of Finland, Lapland, is the magical arctic region where you can spot the elusive Aurelia Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Sightings of the famous dancing green lights appear an average of 200 nights of the year in Finland and each one is as magical as the last. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
In the winter season, the delightful landscapes of Lapland are covered in snow, making you feel as if you are in a winter wonderland. The summers here are marked by endless white nights and peaceful arctic nature that leaves one in a state of blissful meditation. Lapland also offers the best and purest air and water found anywhere in the world and should be reason enough to visit the place to revitalize yourself.
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