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15 Clever Irish Proverbs

 There are innumerable proverbs and sayings that accompany us over the years and reflect on our life and culture, and every culture and nationality has their own parables from which these proverbs come. So, we invite you to get to know 15 wonderful Irish proverbs, full of humor, love, and wisdom. Most of them are steeped in descriptions and metaphors, and some require some thought to understand what is hidden behind them, but as you read them you can smile, learn a moral or two, and even decide to adopt some of them...

Before you get married, open your eyes wide. After the wedding, close them.
Dying is not so terrible. Not living is terrible.
 If whiskey can’t cure a disease, then you’ve got no chance.
 We never retreat. We just advance in different directions.
It’s better to return from the middle of the river to where you started than to sink and drown.
 Women can cope even with the devil.
if a cat waits to take the mouse from a mink for long enough, it's got every chance of success


 When God created time, he created enough of it.
  Three things you should never do: throw a stone in the water, give advice to an angry woman, or talk to a fool.
 If you love her even when she’s dressed in rags, then your love will last until the end of your life.
Try to slip into heaven half an hour before the devil finds out you’ve died.
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.
There are only three kinds of men who don’t understand women: the young, the old, and the middle-aged
Love at first sight often occurs in the twilight.
Never boast about the size of your wallet, the beauty of your wife, or the taste of your beer.
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