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Some of the Weirdest and Scariest Fish Ever Spotted

 If you want to go somewhere that nobody's ever been before, there's no need to go to outer space, since there's plenty of things that you wouldn't even imagine exist lurking deep in the depths of the world's deepest oceans. There is a part of the ocean known as the abyssal zone, which is always in complete darkness, and lies between 13,000 and 20,000 feet below the surface of the water. Curious what might be lurking underneath you when you go for a swim? Here are 10 of the weirdest creatures ever discovered by explorers on the way to the abyssal zone:
1. Red Spiny CrabWeird and Strange Fish
This brightly-colored crustacean sports an impressive suit of spiky armor, which helps it defend itself from any predators looking to snack on a crab leg or two. What's really bizarre is that the creature shown above is actually a type of hermit crab, and has gotten rid of its own shell to live in this one!
2. Peanut WormWeird and Strange Fish
The peanut worm, known by scientists as the Sipuncula, is a deep-sea worm that has a body that oddly resembles a phallus. When a peanut worm feels it is in danger, it will contract its long head inwards, which will result in it looking like a peanut. Interestingly, peanut worms are able to reproduce both asexually and sexually.
3. Cookiecutter SharkWeird and Strange Fish
Here's one you're probably glad you'll never encounter. This bioluminescent shark has rows of neatly-arranged serrated teeth, and preys on dolphins, big fish, and even the occasional whale. They attack their prey by latching onto them, before repeatedly biting out cookie-sized chunks of flesh. Ouch!
4. Lizard FishWeird and Strange Fish
Just one look at the lizard fish is enough to make even the bravest souls among us get goosebumps. Thankfully though, they are rarely seen, and when they are spotted they are usually alone. This is because they live in places where there is very little food available, which means they have to spread themselves out far and wide in order to survive.
5. Blob FishWeird and Strange Fish
This slimy creature was picked up from the depths below New South Wales. It has got very soft and slippery skin, and is known to be an ambush predator, meaning that it lies very still hidden within the sand, and strikes as soon as an unsuspecting victim passes by.
6. Faceless FishWeird and Strange Fish
This weird fish has no eyes whatsoever, which is why it is commonly referred to as a faceless fish. It was first discovered over 140 years ago, during the first ever round-the-world oceanographic expedition led by the crew of the HMS Challenger.
7. CorallimorphWeird and Strange Fish
With an oddly mesmerizing look, these creatures are fascinating to observe if you ever get the chance. Interestingly, they belong to the same group as jellyfish, anemones, coral, and other tentacled sea creatures.
8. Brittle StarWeird and Strange Fish
This unique type of starfish can be found in seas and oceans all over the planet, and have been spotted anywhere from Antarctica to Siberia. They are extremely mysterious creatures, and scientists have never managed to learn too much about them.
9. Giant Anemone-Sucking Sea SpidersWeird and Strange Fish
Don't let the name fool you, these terrifying creatures aren't spiders at all, but are actually some of the most ancient arthropods still living to this day. They are very simple creatures, and are not really much more than a set of tubes connected together. However, many of them actually have legs that glow in the dark to help them navigate and hunt in the darkest areas of the ocean.
10. AmphipodsWeird and Strange Fish

The creature you can see above is an amphipod, which is a kind of flesh-eating crustacean. They are deep-sea scavengers and will consume anything nutritious that they encounter, no matter how big or small!


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