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18 Unique, Colorful 3D Images That Will Keep You Busy

 These nostalgic images will bring many of you back to the 90s when the first three-dimensional pictures were shown and sold on almost every major street in different cities. The amazing works that would have caused many people to wonder what was in the picture were the basis for an amusing experience for many, with there being those who quickly recognized the hidden message while others saw nothing.


Many have developed strange methods for doing this, such as getting close to the picture and then moving away slowly, or squinting and the like. We’ve collected 18 such pictures for you and before you try to find out what is hidden in them, we’ll talk about a few ways you can look at the pictures to help you understand what’s happening in them.


Method 1:

Zoom in and out


  • Bring your face closer to the image on the screen, try to look through the picture and "pretend" it doesn't exist. Of course, you won’t be able to see anything because the picture is too close to your eyes.
  • Just look horizontally, try not to blink and don’t tilt your head or the screen. Start moving away from the screen very slowly, your eyes will want to focus on the picture but you will have to force them not to do so. If you lose focus, go back to the first step.
  • Once you can move your head back without changing the focus of your gaze you will see that at a certain distance the patterns in the picture receive levels of depth, which means that you are on the right path.
  • From the moment you can see the picture blurry, continue and don’t focus yet because your eyes need some time to get used to it. In a moment you will be able to see the hidden image in the picture.

Method 2:

Blurred vision

  • Sit in front of the screen when the picture you want to see is displayed in front of your eyes, about 30 cm away.
  • Let your vision get blurry until you start seeing double, just like when you read a book for a long time and your eyes lose focus.
  • Once you see some depth in the picture and something stands out at you, try to focus slowly on the object until the image is clear.
Click on images to enlarge

1. The Sphinx and the pyramid in Giza

2. A person sitting on a rock

3. A guy playing an electric guitar

4. Cinderella's carriage

5. Cup with Saucer

6. Pterosaurs - 2 flying dinosaurs

7. Two Sharks

8. Captain Hook's ship

9. The footprint of a dog


10. Giraffe

11. Two dancers

12. Cube

13. Horse

14. Figure 8

15. Two dolphins

16. A man holding a ball

17. Three rings connected

18. Pitcher on a table

Image source: images4, i.pinimgbasik.rumichael92 i.pinimg i.pinimg

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