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Signs Your House is Infested

 Just because you can't see the bugs or rodents wandering around your home, doesn’t mean that they’re not already present or marching towards your home. Here’s what you need to watch out for!
1. Lots of Spiders

Spiders eat insects, so if you see spiders in your house, it’s safe to assume that the house has insects in plentiful supply. Even if you don’t see these other bugs, it means the spiders are controlling the population – just don’t expect that to last forever! Consider yourself forewarned, and call an exterminator.

2. You Hear Tapping in Your Walls

This is one of the sounds that termites make, and if you think it sounds like their banging their tiny heads against your wall, you’re completely right. If you hear termite sounds and noises, you need to call pest control immediately, since they may have a sizeable colony inside the walls of your home.

3. Little Piles of “Fish Scales”

After termites swarm, or reproduce and find a new nest, they shed their wings. These wings look a lot like fish scales and are usually found discarded in piles. A pile of discarded wings doesn’t necessarily mean you have an infestation, but it does mean that termites are nearby and could soon make their way to your house.

4. Tubes of Mud along External Walls

To protect their colony from external dangers such as predators and weather, termites build tubes made of mud and saliva. Therefore, if you start seeing small mud tubes along your external walls, it’s a sign that termites consider your house to be a nice tasty snack.

5. Weak Floors, Peeling Paint

Termites burrow into wood and also leave moisture behind, which is not only bad for wood, but also for your paint. Therefore, if your floors feel weak or if the paint on your walls start to peel, bubble, or crack, you might already have yourself a serious termite problem – call an exterminator immediately!

6. If You Think You Spilled some Sesame Seeds

Mouse droppings look a lot like black sesame seeds. Sometimes they’re described as looking like basmati rice. Seeing these things scattered in your cupboards or around your toaster oven probably means that you have mice.

7. Shredded Paper and Fiber in the Corner of Your Garage

That pile of confetti didn’t get there on its own – it’s the handiwork of mice making themselves comfortable in your home.


8. A Fluttering Noise in Your Walls

Bats are not only quiet animals, but they like their quiet and don’t take too kindly to loud noises. So if you happen to slam a door and then hear fluttering or squeaking behind your walls, you might have bats.

9. Lots of Ladybugs
Ladybugs, despite their cuteness, are hardcore predators. Their favorite food is the aphid, which is a serious enemy of your garden. Therefore, you’ll actually want to encourage ladybugs to make themselves at home outside your house. However, if you see them inside your house, it could be a sign of mites, scale insects, and whiteflies.

10. A Pile of Sawdust near Your Deck

If you find perfectly round holes in wooden objects, this could indicate the beginning of a carpenter bee infestation. Since they don’t eat wood – they just use it for shelter – you’ll find piles of sawdust nearby these mysterious holes. It’s crucial to get rid of them as soon as you can because not only can they do extensive damage, but they also return year after year and can attract woodpeckers who are attracted to bee larvae.

11. If You See an Anthill outside Your Home

If you have some ants crawling around your kitchen, it might not be that big of a deal. However, if those ants you see in the kitchen came from a colony inside your walls, that could be bad, especially if they’re carpenter ants. Like carpenter bees, carpenter ants leave sawdust around as they burrow through your wood to make their shelters.

12. You Bought Second-Hand Furniture

Second-hand furniture can invite unwanted pests such as bed bugs into your home, so be certain to inspect any furniture before bringing it into your home. Other signs of bed bugs include stains on your sheets and pillowcases, flaking skin, and itchy skin.


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Images: depositphotos

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