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15 Really Weird Vintage Photos

 Many of us look to the past with a warm sense of nostalgia in our hearts. However, as many of the photos you're about to see prove, the past was often a great deal weirder than many of us give it credit for. Here are 15 strange sights from the past you certainly won't see nowadays:
1. How the police tested bulletproof vests back in 1923.
2. The first meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club was more than a little creepy...
3. The successful testing of a new kind of leather football helmet.
4. An officer judging a female ankle competition.
5. A toddler and his riding boar in Ampthill, England.
6. When this flour manufacturer found out that poor women were making dresses out of his sacks, he started using flowery fabrics instead.
7. In 1903, Edward Lewellen caught the largest sea bass ever seen at that time.
8. A couple of Disney engineers working on one of their earliest animatronics.
9. A hippo pulling a circus cart... Nothing strange here!
10. Say 'Hello' to the original Ronald McDonald!
11. Baby cages were occasionally used to give kids fresh air in a safe environment.
12. A gas-proof stroller used throughout WWII.
13. A coin-operated spray-tanning machine.
14. Ham, the first chimp to be sent into space, captured after his safe return.
15. Pouring illegal alcohol out of the window during Prohibition.


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