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How to Make Your Meat a Lot More Tender

 Do you know what the major difference between a cheap and an expensive cut of meat is? The tenderness, of course! However, there are quite a few ways that can help you turn a tough piece of meat into a deliciously tender one, and here are some of the most effective ones:

1. Using an Acidic Marinade

It might sound dangerous, but by acidic, we actually mean using naturally acidic ingredients, such as vinegar, lemons, limes, yogurt or buttermilk. Simply pour your acidic juice over the meat, so that it's completely covered, and let it soak in a baking pan or bowl, covering it with parchment paper. Then, all you need to do is to add a little seasoning, such as salt, pepper, and thyme. Make sure that both sides are properly coated, then let it soak for at least half an hour.

Check out this delicious acidic marinade recipe:

2. Pound Your Meat

Another way to tenderize your meat is to pound it with a mallet. Simply beat both sides of your meat so that it tenderizes evenly, but make sure not to pound it too hard, since it may end up getting a little mushy. Some chefs like to cover it with some plastic wrap to protect it, while others find that it gets in the way. For beef or pork, make sure that you use the textured side of your mallet. Use the smooth side for things such as chicken cutlets.

Here's a handy tutorial video that you'll find useful:


3. Use a Salt Rub

Rubbing your meat with salt is so effective that it's been termed, 'the poor man's filet mignon.' First of all, simply coat the whole steak with a lot of course salt. Then, leave it to rest for an hour per inch of meat. Finally, wash off all the salt and pat it dry before cooking it.

Here's a handy tutorial video that you'll find useful:

4. Cook It Slow and Low

One of the better-known ways of tenderizing meat, putting it in a slow cooker will work absolute wonders. Using this method will trap moisture inside your meat, which is why slow-cooked meat always ends up so juicy. When ready, your meat will literally melt in your mouth, and slow-cooking it will literally allow you to cut through it like butter.

Here's an example of a brilliant slow-cooked meal:

5. Slicing It

It's also possible to slice your meat in a way that allows for maximum tenderness. Scoring the meat and making shallow cuts on the surface of a thinner steak will break up the proteins, making it a lot less chewy, and a lot better at absorbing marinades and juices. Thinly slicing across the grain will also help to break up its long fibers, making it a lot more tender.

Here's a handy tutorial video that you'll find useful:

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