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Melt Your Heart with These Adorable, Tiny Horses

 We’re used to thinking of horses as large, powerful animals that you can ride into the sunset. But there are a few miniature horse species that, if you were to see them in person, you’d fall in love with them right then and there. On top of that, the foals are also unbelievably cute, and from afar you may confuse them with a puppy – a mistake no one who sees the video at the end will fault you for.
No bigger than a baby.
Loves to run through the tall grass.
Who’s walking whom?
When was the last time you picked up a horse?
Normally, a horse could jump this fence…
They get along splendidly with cats.
This is probably the cutest thing you’ll see today.
Do you think that bird knows it’s a horse?
This is how horses show affection.
In this case, the dog is bigger than the horse.
Don’t leave them unsupervised – they can be naughty.
BONUS: A video of a tiny horse that acts just like a puppy.
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