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This Unassuming Household Product Can Do Plenty For You

 Lip balm or ChapStick is the sort of product we keep lying around the house. And while it works wonders on chapped lips, you can get so much more out of it. Here are some of my favorite uses for this unassuming household product:
1. Protect against blisters
Next time you purchase a pair of new shoes which may take a few wears to break in, prepare your feet by smearing lip balm on your skin. Apply to the back of the heals and liberally coat in the balm to prevent stinging blisters. 
2. Seal small cuts and hangnails
Are you prone to paper cuts or hangnails? Keep some lip balm handy to seal up a sore spot or cut, encouraging it to heal. It may also be used on hangnails, that will prevent the piece of skin around your nail from getting worse. 
3. Remove a ring
If you get anxious when trying to remove a ring stuck on your finger, grease up the edge with the waxy contents of the lip balm. This will help the ring slide right off. 
4. Keep your hair under control
Keep your hair slicked back in a ponytail or bun using some balm to keep the frizz under control. 
5.Soothe a sore nose
Use lip balm on a chapped nose, particularly after you've had a cold. This will stop your nose from feeling sore every time you blow it. You may also apply lip balm to your nose between sneezes, keeping the pain at bay. 
6. Open Sticky Windows
As the weather changes you may notice that your windows get stuck. Whether they're wedged open and refusing to close or are stubbornly stuck shut, use lip balm to grease any part of the window track you can access. Be sure to put some muscle into it!
7. Shine Your Shoes
Got a few scuff marks on your shiny new shoes? While it may be a good idea to take your leather shoes to a cobbler from time to time for shining, in between you can apply lip balm to scuffs and rough patches, rubbing it in thoroughly. 
8. Keep Your Laces Tied
Next time you tie your shoes, double-knot them then lacquer the knot with lip balm. The slippery balm will cause the laces to pull against each other, slowly tightening the knot as you move.
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