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15 Dog Owners Who Had Some Great Ideas

 Owning a dog really brings out the best in all of us. Whether it's the infectiousness of their positive energy, or whether it's simply a matter of pure love, dog owners always look out for their four-footed friends. These are some of the best things ever done by grateful owners, who just wanted to give something back to their dogs. Look at what these 15 lucky pups received from their proud owners!
'I may not be a carpenter, but I know what my old dog needs!'
'Look at my invention to stop my blind pal bumping into the furniture. Good isn't it?'
'My dog is crippled. So I built this with a 3-D printer.'
'I just had a super idea!'
'I built a train for these rescue dogs.'
'Okay, say "Meeeaaat!", please.'
Meet the apprentice. 'You're hired, pup!'
'I am chipped...'
'I put some holes in the fence for my dogs to look out onto the street.'
'You rrrrang...'
'He wanted to feel like a spacedog.'
'Happy birthday, pooch! Let's have a ball!'
'If she keeps doing this, i'll...' 'You'll what?'
'He kept doing this, so we thought we'd have a laugh...'
Old mother Hubbard never thought of this.
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