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Sorry, TOO Busy For Cuddles - 14 Cute Service Dogs

The concept of service dogs is by no means new. Millennia ago, dogs were helping early humans hunt and protect their shelters. Later, humans developed various breeds of dogs that helped them herd cattle, protect strategic locations, search and rescue lost persons, and do many other specific tasks.
This honorable and incredibly heartwarming companionship of humans and canines continues today, with many dogs being essential to farmers, police workers, and people with various medical conditions. Let these brave doggies show you how their workday looks like in these 14 cute and hilarious photos!

1. Jubjib is a golden retriever from Thailand who helps his family harvest durian fruit.

Service Dogs Jubjib

2. Joey here is a Drinking Water Leak Detection Dog.

Service Dogs Joey

3. The University Of Illinois gave this service dog, Hero, an honorary master’s degree.

Service Dogs Hero

4. "Electronic Storage Detection K9 Zeus relaxing on a flight on the way to his next job."

Service Dogs Zeus

5. When the weather gets cold, it's Saul's job to find Sea Turtles with hypothermia on the Texas Coast. The turtles are then taken in, warmed up, and released into the wild when water temperatures rise.

Service Dogs Saul

6. Chewie is an Advanced Canine Practitioner. Needless to say, he's the best at his job.

Service Dogs Chewie

7. Juan Antonio is a proud security inspector.

Service Dogs  Juan Antonio

8. "Birthday Party Service dogs in training."

Service Dogs "Birthday Party Service dogs in training."

9. Ben and his human are here to make chemistry exams less stressful.

Service Dogs Ben

10. "Emma just passed her Avalanche Rescue Training for Winter Park, Colorado."

Service Dogs Emma

11. When you're at work but it's also Mardi Gras...

Service Dogs Mardi Gras

12. This beekeeping dog detects infected beehives by smell.

Service Dogs beekeeping dog

13. Talk about dedication! These sheepdogs will not leave this chilled lamb that needs warming out of sight for one second.

Service Dogs sheepdogs and lamb

14. Can I help you?

Service Dogs dog at laptop
Source of all images: Izismile
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