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13 Creative Uses for Plastic Food Wrap

 Everyone has a roll or two of plastic food, or Saran wrap, in their kitchen, but most of us only really use it for one thing. Unfortunately, this is a great waste because food wrap actually has more than a dozen other creative uses just waiting to be utilized. Have a look at this fantastic list of 13 things you can do with food wrap that goes way beyond what you ever thought possible. Who knows? They may even inspire you to come up with some of your own inventive ideas!
1. Keep banana bunches fresh for longer
plastic food wrap, uses
This bunch of bananas held together by an exposed stem are going to age quickly, losing their moisture and color in a matter of days. Yet, by simply wrapping that same stem with a good amount of food wrap will stall this process, almost as if they were still attached to the tree.
2. Make your cleansing face mask even more effective
plastic food wrap, uses
If you cover your creamy face mask with food wrap you'll actually be making it work more effectively, helping to stop it from drying out.
3. Construct a spill-free cup or glass
plastic food wrap, uses
Perhaps you are busy in your home while enjoying a nice drink when you pop it down a bit suddenly on the desk and it spills everywhere. Banish this annoyance by simply covering the top of the beverage with some food wrap. Then pierce the plastic with a straw to make your own homemade no-spill cup. If Starbucks can do it, then so can you!
4. Have your kids paint a picture without getting their hands dirty
plastic food wrap, uses
All you need for this activity is a piece of cardboard, some paint, food wrap, and a fun child who likes to make pretty and unique paintings. Simply dab some paint all over a piece of cardboard. Then cover the card with a strip of food wrap. All the child needs to do now is push down on the wrap with their hands and fingers to make some Jackson Pollock-esque masterpieces. All this work will be accomplished without any chance of the paint seeping out onto their hands - and thus onto anything else they touch.
5. Make a fruity fly trap
plastic food wrap, uses
Flies love whatever you're eating, but one thing they particularly can't resist is the scent of fresh fruit. Simply chop up some fruit pieces and place them into a bowl. Cover the bowl with food wrap and pierce a fly sized hole in the top. Pretty soon they'll swoop down into the bowl - and never get out. 
6. Keep a bouquet of flowers fresher for longer
plastic food wrap, uses
What gift is more lovely than a bouquet of flowers? To keep a fresh bouquet shining in all its glory wrap it in some wet tissue paper. Then cover the paper with food wrap. This way the flowers will keep themselves hydrated before being placed in the lucky recipient's vase.
7. Make moving house much easier
There are few things more useful, it turns out, when you are moving house, than a large roll of plastic food wrap. Rather than emptying every drawer in your home you could much more easily wrap everything tightly to prevent them from falling out. Take a tray of cutlery for example. If wrapped tightly, its packing should only take 20 seconds of your time.
8. Make an easy poached egg
plastic food wrap, uses
Everyone loves poached eggs, but most people shy away from making them, because they seem so difficult to get right. But by using a sheet of food wrap you need not waste any eggs to get the perfect poached one. Cover a saucer with the sheet, then grease it up with vegetable oil. Gently crack open an egg over the sheet. Fold the plastic over the top of the egg, bagging it up. Then put the bag in boiling water and heat for around 3 minutes. Perfect!
9. Keep your paint roller from drying out
plastic food wrap, uses
Painting is one of those jobs that always takes longer than you bargained for. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a well earned break before you finish. When you do, first wrap your brushes and rollers in food wrap to keep them from drying out.
10. Make cleaning your fridge as easy as anything
plastic food wrap, uses
Fridge shelves can get pretty disgusting if not cleaned for a long time, and this mess can put you off from your chore even more. Yet, if you just cover the shelves with plastic food wrap, when you want to clean up, all you'll need to do is replace the wrap. It could not be easier.
11. Keep your toiletry bottles from spilling into your bag
plastic food wrap, uses
Rather than fretting that your bottles of shower gel, skin cream and shampoo leak all over your bag or suitcase, open the bottles and cover the neck with plastic food wrap. Then put the tops of the bottles back on. You can rest easy knowing these are no longer going to explode all over your clean clothes.
12. Boost plant growth with a DIY greenhouse 
plastic food wrap, uses
A great way to give your seeds and sapling a growth burst is to cover the freshly watered plant pot with food wrap. With this greenhouse in place no moisture will escape into the atmosphere, and the warmth will help create the perfect conditions for its healthy development.
13. Keep opened wine fresher with plastic food wrap
plastic food wrap, uses
Avoid the cork soaking up the scent and savor from an opened bottle of wine by emptying the contents into a large glass. Cover this glass or beaker with food wrap to keep the wine fresh. 
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