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What Kind of Animal Are You?

MBTI is a 4 dimensional personality assessment. Each dimension has 2 possibilities, so that this method categorizes according to 16 types of personality. Each type of personality is described by 4 letters.

First Dimension: Position 
Ask yourselves: Would you rather go outside for fun (E) or would you rather stay home with a good book or watch tv? (I) 

Second Dimension: Perception
Ask yourselves: When you learn something new, do you learn it as you see it (S) or add/remove impressions according to what your gut feeling tells you? (N)
Third Dimension: Decision
Ask yourselves: When you make a decision about something, do you rely on logic (T), or tend towards emotion and empathy? (F)
Fourth Dimension: Addressing
Ask yourselves: Would you rather things in your life were organized and fixed in advance (J), or would you rather be surprised? (P)
Now, using these four answers, and the letters they correspond to, organize the letters, first question to last (for example, if you chose to stay at home, add impressions by your gut feeling, make emotional decisions, and would like to have things organized, your letters would be INFJ). 





1. INTP: Owl 

Photo: Lip Kee

I - Introvert| N - Intuition| T - Cognition| P - Perceptual

People of this kind are analytical and considerate, preferring to work alone and often feeling uncomfortable in social situations. They are impatient in matters of hierarchy and politics, and prefer their leaders to show their worth by their talent, not charisma and influence. Although they aren't very sociable, they are witty and sharp tongued and are usually surprised to hear people rather enjoy their company. 

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2. ESTP: Fox 

Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

E - Extrovert | S - Stimuli| T - Cognition| P - Perceptual

Dramatic, charismatic and influential, these people are looking for the best in life and want to share it with their friends. They are active, spontaneous and fun. They know how to adapt themselves to the environment and, by doing so, influence and sometimes manipulate others. They are great salesmen, and can be terrific friends.

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3. ISFP: Sloth 

Photo: Marissa Strniste

I - Introvert| S - Stimuli| F - Emotion| P - Perceptual

Relaxed and tranquil, these people take life at their own pace and live moment to moment. They are considerate, pleasant, caring and as we said - relaxed. Their values are important to them, but they are not the kind of people to go to war for them. They aren't lazy, they just take it easier than the average person.

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4. ENTJ: Lion

Photo: Anita Ritenour

E - Extrovert | N - Intuition| T - Cognition| J - Judgment

Independent, logical and convincing leaders, these people are business oriented and ambitious. They refuse to let subjective emotion be part of their decision making process, and as such may be perceived as tough and cool by some, but these 'cold' people tend to be efficient, successful and powerful. They are the kings of the jungle.

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5. ISFJ: Deer

Photo: Bernard Stam

I - Introvert| S  - Stimuli| F - Emotion| J - Judgment

People of this kind are quiet, trusting and considerate. They like to keep things harmonious and organized, respect each other's emotions and accept those that are different from themselves. They are sometimes described as very emotional and trustworthy people.

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6. INTJ: Octopus

Photo: Rob

I - Introvert| N - Intuition| T - Cognition| J - Judgment

These type of people are independent, intelligent and highly creative - but are not interested in what others are doing. They are considered the most independent of all personality types, and they function at their best when given freedom to be alone. They are aware of their intelligence and their passion is usually focused on complex ideas and theories. 

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7. ISTP: Cat

Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

I - Introvert| S - Stimuli| T - Cognition| P - Perceptual

These people are naturally quiet and analytical, and are often attracted to technical fields like engineering. The love understanding how things work. Routine quickly bores them. They are competitive and like adrenaline rushes. Their motto is 'live and let live' - they aren't interested in limitations and regulations, and would prefer others to keep out of their personal affairs. Some of them prefer the motto: 'Don't step on me.'

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8. ESFP: Otter

Photo: Dulup

E - Extrovert | S - Stimuli| F - Emotion| P - Perceptual

These people live for the moment, and want to get the most out of the experience. They are very naughty, but generous and optimistic. They like the social life and experiencing new things. Learning in class is not their forte, although they are intelligent and creative, they prefer to just 'go with the flow' and enjoy their time.

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9. INFJ: Wolf

Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

I - Introvert| N - Intuition| F - Emotion| J - Judgment

These people are loyal to their values, and tend to remain mysterious and complex even after you get close to them. They are usually creative, inspiring and sensitive people. In contrast, they don't reveal much about themselves until they completely trust the other person. Still, they are interested in others' welfare and are often seen as protectors as well as born leaders.

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10. ENFP: Dolphin 

Photo: Naotake Murayama

E - Extrovert | N - Intuition| F - Emotion| P - Perceptual

With creativity and infectious happiness, these people have limitless energy and a great hunger to learn new things and meet new people. They give joy to those around them and are keenly aware of their needs. They are bubbly and popular, but also get bored quite easily.

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11. ESTJ: Bee

Photo: Andreas

E - Extrovert | S - Stimuli| T - Cognition| J - Judgment

These people are usually urbanites, who strive to improve society and want to be part of organizations and governments. They tend to be conservative, with great faith in the law and proper procedure. They are practical and straight shooters, don't like to try things out of their comfort zone, but are sociable and like good communication.

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12. ISTJ: Beaver

Photo: finchlake2000

I - Introvert| S - Stimuli| T - Cognition| J - Judgment

These people are logical and have the reputation of people who choose the practical approach to everything. They are trustworthy, thorough, logical and serious. Like the beaver, they are very dedicated workers who will do whatever it takes to get the job done best. On the negative side, they have good intentions but sometimes find it hard relating to the emotional needs of others.

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13. ENFJ: Dog

Photo: StooMathiesen

E - Extrovert | N - Intuition| F - Emotion| J - Judgment

These people are very sociable and are great as supporters for a great range of friends and family. They hate bullying and greet their loved ones with great affection. They feel good when people around them are feeling good. They tend to get along with others quickly and well, and even sometimes adopt the values of those around them. They are loyal, and expect others to be loyal. 

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14. INFP: Meerkat

Photo: Alonso Inostrosa Psijas

I - Introvert| N - Intuition| F - Emotion| P - Perceptual

These people believe in their values, are idealistic, loyal to their families and friends and guided by their will to live their lives according to their own values. They are curious about that which surrounds them, but will not accept any threats to the security of those they love or their own values. 


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15. ENTP: Parrot

Photo: James Niland

E - Extrovert | N - Intuition| T - Cognition| P - Perceptual

These are people that hold intelligence and ability above all else, for themselves and for others. They are witty, smart and resourceful. They love analyzing all sides of the problem, are deep thinkers and creative. They can also be quite chatty.

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16. ESFJ: Elephant

Photo: Sam Howzit

E - Extrovert | S - Stimuli| F - Emotion| J - Judgment

These are real, authentic people who care a lot about those around them. They are the type of people that give their best to others, especially friends and family. They are generous and like to make others happy, but are also sensitive and easily hurt. They can sometimes be blind to the flaws of those they love and trust.

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