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18 Smiling Animals That Are Too Cute for Words

 You didn't really believe them when they told you that animals don't smile did you? Good, you were right not to listen, because you and me both know that animals' lives are full of so much freedom and joy that they actually show us the way when it comes to bliss, humor and happiness. Have at these 18 cute smiling creatures, and just see if they don't melt your heart.
1. Painted piglets' portrait.
2. They've found his funny bone.
3. Ah, another 2 hours of sleep!
4. Say sausages!
5. When you get to spend all day in the pool.
6. What a looker! Is it a mermaid? Is it Venus?
7. Stop! Stop! No more tickles, please!
8. Ah, to be loved! What better thing to smile at?
9. This little piggy went to market...
10. How tall am I going to be, Mom? WOW!
11. Open those jaws!
12. Mom! Not in public!
13. The Leopard makes a joke: 'What's Tiger Woods' new nickname? - Lion Cheetah.'
14. Look at me. Look at me!
15. What has made this iguana so pleased with itself?
16. Two's company.
17. A green grin.
18. How to raise a smile from your master.
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