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Dogs With Jobs: Canines Who Are Greatly Helpful to Humans

Dogs are loyal. We all know that. But any dog owner would know that our four-legged friends can surprise us many a time with their resourcefulness and intelligence. In the collection of pictures below, you will get to meet some of the most lovable dogs who go out of their way to help their human friends in need. They are not just loyal; they are selfless, kind, and dexterous. From dogs who provide therapy and support to different kinds to humans to those who can detect different diseases, these lovable canines truly deserve much love, acknowledgment, and care. 

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1. This is a photo from a retirement party for explosive detection dogs. The two dogs in the middle are retiring and the dogs on the sides will be replacing them. Bravo!

Dogs With Admirable Jobs detecting explosives
Image Credit: ReluctantMuse / reddit

2. This dog has been working at the zoo for six years. He helps comfort children who accidentally get hurt.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs  zoo

3. This is Benny, a therapy dog for a middle school. This was his last day at work but he didn’t want to leave.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs middle school

4. This dog alerts the owners when their blood sugar begins to rise. 

Dogs With Admirable Jobs blood sugar

5. This is Bill, wearing an assistance dog coat. He’s the first medical alert dog for Addison's disease in Australia.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs assistance dog
Image Credit: lauraraurala / reddit

6. This pitbull helps his owner who has Parkinson’s disease. He rests his head on whatever part of her body has the worst tremors. Curiously, nobody has taught him to do that.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs pitbull
Image Credit: MissVictoriaE / reddit

7. Tucker, a Great Pyrenees, saves his vineyard at least $10,000 per year by keeping the deer away.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs

8. A sled dog takes a break from a long day of leading a team of 10 dogs (and humans) in a sled ride.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs sled dog
Image Credit: ellendetoffee / reddit

9. This is River, an Autism Service Dog who is training to especially help students in college.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs Autism Service Dog
Image Credit: madbacon26 / reddit

10. Ruby, a certified therapy dog, visits universities to help cheer up students. 

Dogs With Admirable Jobs therapy dog
Image Credit: BenDover04me / reddit

11. The owner of this dog, who has asthma, was laughing loudly. The dog thought he desperately needed his emergency inhaler and immediately brought it to him.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs
Image Credit: ohnorosa / reddit

12. He comes to work every day with his owner and is known as the “Chief Morale Officer” in the office. 

Dogs With Admirable Jobs Chief Morale Officer

13. This is Georgia, who helps people with PTSD. 

Dogs With Admirable Jobs PTSD
Image Credit: dshark789 / reddit

14. A dog with a very rare and unique job -  he detects polar bear pregnancy by smell. He can detect pregnancy in polar bear poop with up to 97% accuracy.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs polar bear pregnancy

15. Bonzo, a former sled dog has run more than 10,000 miles (16093.44 km). This was him on his last sled run.

Dogs With Admirable Jobs sled dog
Image Credit: 3EyedOwl / reddit

16. Shouldn't every ATM in the world have an adorable and loyal guard dog like this?

Dogs With Admirable Jobs ATM guard
Image Credit: despacitoya / reddit

17.  Here's a herding dog, also known as a stock dog or a shepherd dog, who knows how to take his job very seriously. 

Dogs With Admirable Jobs herding dog,
Image Credit: JaderBug12 / reddit
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