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18 Pictures That Prove Dads Are a Bit Strange

There are fewer things more shocking for a man than when he learns he's going to be a father. Frankly, most men are not really up to the job, but given their deficiencies, I suppose we can say they are doing the best they can. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t roll our eyes, give them a good yelling-at or simply laugh at their utter ineptitude. And since laughter is the best medicine for our ills, why not crack a few laughs at 18 of the most hilarious photos of dads have been caught doing when they thought no one was watching? 

Mischievous Dad


1. I love my kids. They're unique...or are they?

baby, kiwi, head, bad dad


2. I endeavor to teach a bit of history while they are young.

baby, moustache, Hitler, bad dad


3. Hey, honey, look at this! Look at this!

baby, biscuit tower, bad dad


4. She asked me for a hair bun - I'm teaching her about homonyms.

girl, hair, bun, hair bun, bad dad


5. Naturally, I want my son to take after me.

baby, Harley Davidson, biker, bad dad

6. Because no one teaches science like me.

plunger, boy, bad dad


7. I will always make sure my kids are presentable.

baby, suit, tie, bad dad


Lazy Dad

8. And I will teach them patience and discipline.

bad dad, lazy, children servants


9. But I won't neglect my personal needs.

bad dad, lazy, swing, beer


10. No reason why we can't all be happy.

bad dad, feeding, video games


11. As long as everything is taken care of.

bad dad, lazy, beer, feeding, foot


12. And I do try to make eye contact.

bad dad, feeding, video games 2


Crazy Dad

13. Dads like me know that for every problem there is a solution.

baby, crawling, bad dad, solution


14. It's getting the job done that counts, functionality is what I provide.

girl hair, pony tail, tag, bad dad

15. For example, if a baby has cold hands there's this technique I've developed.

baby, stockings, can't move, bad dad


16. Mum's carry too much: I don't waste pocket space with things like tissues.

bad dad, burger, baby, sauce, licking


17. Neither is there any point in using a shopping cart. This is much more efficient.

bad dad, pram, stroller, no trolley, shopping


18. I am the greatest dad in the world.

bad dad, milk feeding invention, baby


Image sources: boredpanda.com


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