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Guide: 6 Steps to Odorless Feet

When the hot summer months pick up, sweaty and smelly feet can be impossible to ignore. One of the first things you need to see to is understanding why they smell in the first place. Since sweat is virtually odorless, what causes your feet to smell? Bacteria eats away at dead skin cells. It thrives, especially, in hot, enclosed environments creating a smell that may be hard to ignore.
One method you should always bear in mind is to wash your toes and dry them well before inserting them into your favorite pair of shoes. If this method does not solve your problem, here are six other steps you could take to keep your feet feeling and smelling fresh.
1. Use deodorant 
keep your feet fresh
Antiperspirants prevent sweat, eliminating bacteria from forming. While most brands will do the job, Dr.Scholl's not only destroys odor, it instantly dries the feet. 
2. Use porous leather soles
Image: Ecco
These breathable soles will allow your feet to air out. Leather will also never smell, unlike synthetic products like a poly-cotton blend. Opt for one which provides an antibacterial treatment, such as Ecco. 
3. Wear invisible socks
keep your feet fresh
Invisible socks or loafer liners (such as the ones depicted in the image above) will soak up extra moisture. 
4. Use a cedar shoe tree
keep your feet fresh
Image: Cedar Shoe Tree
Cedar shoe trees help keep shoes in shape. They act as a moisture wicker, naturally soaking up any excess sweat. Occasionally give your shoes a rest, allowing the cedar to freshen your shoes up.
5. Use dryer sheets
keep your feet fresh
Image: Mrs Meyers
Dryer sheets work well with freshening up the smell of the shoes and soaking up excess moisture. If you do not have cedar shoe trees available, this option is your next best bet. 
6. Use powder
keep your feet fresh
Talcum powder or corn starch works exceptionally well. It'll keep your feet dry, preventing bacteria. 
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