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Creative Ways to Gain Extra Space

 With time, the responsibility of a large house can become more work than it’s worth. A lot of people choose to move to a new, smaller spaces once their children have moved out. These fresh living areas can present certain decorating challenges: namely, a lack of space. Here are 13 design tricks to maximize the room you have in your house or apartment. They don’t require renovations or technical knowledge. 

Play with proportions

creative space - decorating
There is no rule saying all your furniture needs to be similar in size. Your space can look more complete and less crowded if you play with different dimensions.

Vary your shelves widths

creative space - decorating
If you’re building your own shelves, you can take advantage of every space by varying the widths of each shelf. Narrow shelves can accommodate smaller items such as books or kitchen supplies while wider ones can accomodate tall vases and small appliances.

Allow furniture to define spaces, not room dividers

creative space - decorating
Instead of using room dividers or walls to divide an open space, use carpets or rugs to define different functions in a room. That way the upper part of an open plan space is undivided.

Position mirrors strategically

creative space - decorating
Mirrors can give the illusion of more space but need to also be placed strategically. Consider placing them in a part of the room that can create the impression of depth or that can reflect light.

Use curtains to hide objects

creative space - decorating
Some items can’t be stored away because you need them daily but at the same time you don’t want to leave them in plain sight. A curtain is the perfect solution to stash away those unsightly items. Choose a color that blends into your decorating theme as not to draw attention to it.

Introduce vertical playing spaces

creative space - decorating
A sneaky tactic to keep the kids space cleaner for longer is storing toys vertically, and creating vertical activity stations for painting or puzzles.

Embrace foldable furniture

creative space - decorating
Some spaces don’t need to be accessed at all times, for example, tables, desks, ironing surfaces. To save valuable space, it's worth considering making these areas temporary with the help of foldable or expandable furniture.

Consider a retractable bed

creative space - decorating
This might seem like an intimidating system to install, but the space you can gain is tremendous, transforming a bedroom into another space for the day time.

Use space behind doors for storage

creative space - decorating
Spaces behind doors provide ample opportunities for vertical storage. It’s best to avoid heavy objects and opt for stationery, jewelry, shoes, or tools. You can hang hooks or install shallow ledged shelves.

Create storage space by elevating furniture

creative space - decorating
An easy way to gain storage space is by raising furniture such as beds or closets. A custom drawer or system of material boxes can be placed underneath. Closets and dressers can also be viable areas for extra storage.

Opt for closed kitchen cabinets, over open plan storage

creative space - decorating
Experts tend to recommend open shelves for saving space, but they’re not for everyone. You have to be organized and not collect a clutter of utensils. Selecting neutral or matching colored cabinets that easily blend into the background can allow for a neat and calm space.

Dine bar-style

creative space - decorating
Dining room tables can take up a lot of valuable space. If you’re not a fan of hosting big meals, consider a narrow console with foldable chairs or stackable bar stools. During the day, this space can be used for cooking or other activities.

Gain more light by removing doors

creative space - decorating
If you have a windowless room borrow light from other rooms by removing the doors and this can also trick the eye into thinking an area is bigger than it seems. If you require more privacy, consider replacing the doors with semi-opaque frosted glass, which will allow more light to enter the space.

H/T: www.lifehack.org

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