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Can We Be Young Again?

Time takes its toll on us all, and as we get older, we may gain knowledge and experience, but we lose vitality and energy in the process. What a difficult tradeoff. But aging may be a thing of the past - in a joined study by Harvard and the University of New South Wales, researchers found a way to reverse the aging process.

The research revolved around the genes responsible for fighting the effects of aging. By feeding mice certain natural proteins, they managed to trigger “youth genes” on, and switch “old genes” off. Within a week, the mice’ muscular aging process was completely reversed!

Professor David Sinclair, the head of the research teams, said: "We've discovered genes that control how the body fights against aging and these genes, if you turn them on just the right way, they can have very powerful effects, even reversing aging - at least in mice so far.”

We fed them a molecule that's called NMN and this reversed aging completely within just a week of treatment in the muscle, and now we're looking to reverse all aspects of aging if possible."

The study also discovered that the newly activated genes have an anti-inflammatory effect, and can help cure skin inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease.

"Eventually we want these molecules to be taken by many people to prevent diseases of aging and make them live longer, healthier lives." - Said Sinclair, and added that the team has already begun initial human trials.

If you ever wondered why mice are used for medical research, the reasons are many, but mainly because they share around 95-98% of genetic data with humans.

So are we on the verge of enjoying longevity, health and maybe get to be young again? The concept no longer seems like fantasy or science fiction, and instead, more like science fact!

Sources: Dr. Sinclair | Mouse
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