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New Photos of Allure of the Seas – The Luxury Giant.

The MS Allure Of The Seas is the largest passenger ship ever constructed, capable of carrying up to 6,296 passengers. Launched in November 2009, this behemoth of a ship cost about 1.2 billion US dollars to make. The Allure has 16 passenger decks, 2 dance halls, a theatre with 1,380 seats, an ice skating ring, 7 distinct "neighborhoods", and 25 dining options, including the first Starbucks coffee shop at sea and much much more.
She is truly the biggest, and probably the best, option for a cruise ship in the world. This is one vacation option I would love to explore for myself one day. 

The ships length is 362 meters (1,187 ft) and her height is 72 meters (236 ft) above the water line. This gives plenty of room for her crew of 2,384 personal to serve you as you rest in one of four pools, a full-service spa, a full-sized basketball court or even on the ships mini-golf course. All of this, inside a 100,000 metric tons ship, slightly less than an American Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. Here is a little taste of whats it like to be on a trip in this beauty:

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