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This Finely Crafted Mini Village Model is Simply Stunning

In an attempt to distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often choose to escape to a more rural area, maybe a charming little village somewhere far off from a densely populated city. If you enjoy pastoral views like that, this mini-village that soars high in the air will certainly charm your heart. This beautiful creation is named Skyville. Unfortunately, you can’t live there because it’s a mini village model created by the Bulgarian artist Ognyan Stefanov.
This incredibly detailed piece of art took more than two years to create, and it looks absolutely stunning! 
Mini Village, Skyville, artist
Artist Ognyan Stefanov with his miniature village model Skyville 
Mini Village, Skyville, village model
Stefanov, who works as an aviation photographer by day, designed this mini-village perched high in the sky as a self-sustaining region that includes shops, farms, lush landscapes, gardens, a library, and several homes. 
Mini Village, Skyville, lawn
Mini Village, Skyville, woodwork
The highly detailed structure wasn’t easy to make. It was completed using a combination of wooden stirrers, popsicle sticks, and photo-etching techniques.
Mini Village, Skyville, house
Mini Village, Skyville, detailed architecture
The main house of Skyville has an individually tiled pitched roof. The 60-pound (27 kg) model spans 36 x 16 inches and was created on a 1/87 scale.
Mini Village, Skyville, main village house
Mini Village, Skyville, roof house
Stefanov created this village as a “self-contained utopia,” where people are surrounded by greenery everywhere while still having all the modern amenities they need to live. In fact, there’s even a local inn here that offers traditional hospitality.
Mini Village, Skyville, model of mini village
Mini Village, Skyville, details of wodwork
Each part of Skyville has been painstakingly crafted. Large trees surround a hilly meadow at the base, while the interiors of the houses are filled with chandeliers, handcrafted wrought iron bed frames, and framed artworks.
Mini Village, Skyville, room
Mini Village, Skyville, garden, mini structure
You will also find a system of water drainage pipes running throughout the structure. 
Mini Village, Skyville, pipes
Mini Village, Skyville, woodwork
Each part of Skyville has been meticulously designed to work seamlessly together. Even the little human characters, seen engaged in some task or the other, serve some purpose and add to the beauty of this remarkable piece of art.
Mini Village, Skyville,
Credit to all images: Ognyan Stefanov
Check out more works by the artist on his Instagram page. 
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