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15 Pics That Capture Our World's Fairytale-Like Beauty

Some photographs exude such beauty and warmth that they transport you to a different world just by looking at them. The collection of photos below looks like it was lifted from some fairytales. From colorful fields to misty forests, these scenes are here to remind you of our world’s magical side that should always be cherished. 

1. Meet the Great eared nightjar, which almost looks like a dragon bird. It can be found in southwest India and parts of Southeast Asia.

Fairytale-Like Pics, Great eared nightjar Image source: Reddit

2. A beautiful flower shop entrance in Brussels, Belgium

Fairytale-Like Pics, flower shop Image source: Reddit

3. This almost looks like a watercolor painting!

(Photographer: Robert Jahns)

Fairytale-Like Pics, deer Image source: Reddit

4. A swan swimming peacefully during winter somewhere in Finland

(Photographer: Pasi Hyttinen)

Fairytale-Like Pics, swan Image source: Reddit

5. Is that a tree nymph? 

Location: Madeira, Portugal (Photographer: Roksolyana Hilevych)

Fairytale-Like Pics, tree Image source: Reddit

6. You can almost smell the crisp air of this magical morning 

Location: Salisbury Water Meadows (Photographer: Mark Andreas Jones)

Fairytale-Like Pics, morning Image source: Reddit

7. Wild garlic flowers in Gloucestershire, South West England

Fairytale-Like Pics, Gloucestershire Image source: Reddit

8. Magical!

Location: The Reenagross Woodland Park, Ireland 

Fairytale-Like Pics, Woodland Park Image source: Reddit

9. This seems like a place where King Arthur would have probably hung out with Merlin

Location: Sintra, Portugal

Fairytale-Like Pics, castle Image source: Reddit

10. I can't get over how beautiful this is!

Location: The Isle of Skye, Scotland (Photographer: Juuso Hämäläinen)

Fairytale-Like Pics, Isle of Skye, Scotland Image source: Reddit

11. This is Tintagel Castle, a historic site situated on the clifftops of North Cornwall, United Kingdom. This gate is a part of the courtyard wall built in the Victorian era. It leads to Merlin's Cave - a sea cave formed by marine erosion.

(Photographer: Fayaz Mohamed)

Fairytale-Like Pics, Tintagel Castle, Image source: Reddit

12. They're all out for a stroll about the place

Location: Scotland (Photographer: Victoria)

Fairytale-Like Pics, scotland Image source: Reddit

13. This is Nikolskaya Street, a part of the traditional shopping district in central Moscow, Russia

(Photographer: Elena Krizhevskaya)

Fairytale-Like Pics, Nikolskaya Street Image source: Reddit

14. That mountain looks so lonely

Location: Renndølsetra, Norway 

Fairytale-Like Pics, Image source: Reddit

15. How can you not fall in love with this place? 

Location: South Moravia, Czech Republic (Photographer: Merve Cevik)

Fairytale-Like Pics, South Moravia Image source: Reddit
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