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11 Museums to Visit in the City of Prague

Exploring the charming streets of Prague and marveling at its stunning architecture is a delight that everyone can appreciate. However, there is much more to this city than just strolling around, dining at restaurants, and admiring the scenery. Prague is home to a number of remarkable museums that you simply can't afford to miss. Whether you're seeking to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Czech Republic's capital or discover unique sights that you won't find anywhere else, we've compiled a list of the top 11 must-visit museums in Prague. Don't forget to click on the museum names to view their locations on the map.
Click on the names of the museums to see them on the map

1. Prague's Beer Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: בירה מהחבית במוזיאון הבירה של פראג
If you find yourself in a city renowned for its beer, it's definitely worth paying a visit to a museum dedicated solely to this beloved beverage. At the museum, you'll have the opportunity to explore 13th-century cellars adorned with captivating exhibits. Engaging guided tours will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the culture and history of the capital. And of course, no trip to such a museum would be complete without indulging in a tasting of the Czech Republic's most famous brews. With over 30 different types of beers available on tap, you're in for a treat.

2. The Carl Zeman Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: תצוגה במוזיאון קארל זמאן
This museum is a dedicated tribute to the renowned film director Carl Zaman, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled family outing. Zaman's works primarily feature animated films and puppet photography, captivating audiences of all ages. As a pioneer in his field, Zaman greatly influenced the art of filmmaking by perfecting special effects and incorporating art objects into his creations, bringing his films to life in extraordinary ways. The museum offers numerous interactive displays, allowing visitors to operate various machines and gain firsthand insight into the photographic techniques used. Whether you're familiar with Zaman or not, this museum provides the perfect opportunity to experience the enchantment of cinema alongside your child.

3. The Communism Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: פסלים במוזיאון הקומוניזם
Located conveniently in the heart of the city, this museum offers an engaging and captivating exploration of the history of communism in former Czechoslovakia. While the subject may be controversial, it provides an opportunity to learn about a very unique period in history, of a country that no longer exists. The walls are adorned with propaganda signs, while statues, uniforms, and objects provide a vivid depiction of life under this regime. Visitors can also listen to recordings, watch historical films, and even experience an interrogation room, school, and factory, fully immersing themselves in the communist era. It's the perfect place to combine education with enjoyment, and to delve into both history and culture.

4. The Apple Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: חזית מוזיאון אפל
For those passionate about technology, the Apple Museum boasts the world's largest private collection of Apple products, showcasing the incredible journey of the company and its visionary founder, Steve Jobs. Take a tour of the museum to trace the company's evolution through its diverse range of iconic products and witness the profound impact it has had on our world today. Discover the captivating story behind Apple's rise to become a technology giant.

5. The Mucha Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: חזית מוזיאון מוכה
Situated in an exquisite building in the New Town, this museum is entirely dedicated to showcasing the life and accomplishments of one of the most influential Czech artists in his field. With a wide range of over 100 exhibits, the museum provides a captivating journey into the personal life of Alphonse Mocha, featuring vintage photographs and artifacts that unravel his story and shed light on the evolution of his distinctive and awe-inspiring artistic style. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to admire his masterpieces in the museum and explore documentation about his life and the era he lived in.

6. The Garvin Wax Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: בובות שעווה במוזיאון השעווה גרווין
Just like the renowned Madame Tussauds, the Garvin Museum features lifelike wax figures that bear an uncanny resemblance to the individuals they portray. As you explore the museum, you'll encounter a wide array of exhibits from various domains, ranging from historical figures to musicians and athletes. Each figure is meticulously dressed and accompanied by relevant artifacts, maintaining an authentic representation of its era. The museum not only offers an enjoyable experience but also provides the opportunity to engage in 3D games where you can compete against some of the showcased athletes.

7. The Jewish Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: חזית המוזיאון היהודי
Welcome to this museum, where you'll discover a remarkable collection of Judaica items. Exploring the photographs, manuscripts, ancient books, and clothing that once belonged to the Jews who resided in Prague throughout the years is truly worthwhile. In addition, the museum sheds light on the Holocaust, honoring its victims and survivors, while recounting the tragic history of the Jewish community under Nazi occupation. Established in 1906, this museum stands as a living testament to the persecution faced by the Jewish community. It was repeatedly closed during different periods, affected by both Nazi and communist rule in Prague. Today, the museum also hosts performances and events, so make sure to stay updated and see what awaits you during your visit.

8. The Alchemists Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: מרתף במוזיאון האלכימאים
If you're searching for a museum with a peculiar and unique atmosphere, the Alchemists Museum is the perfect destination. It showcases the endeavors of individuals throughout history who aimed to achieve the impossible - turning lead into gold. Housed in one of Prague's oldest buildings, the museum boasts an array of intriguing exhibits, including skulls, potions, and a captivating ancient laboratory. Stepping inside feels like journeying back in time to another era. Whether you're sampling the elixir of eternal youth or exploring the various workrooms, this museum is sure to captivate your imagination.

9. The National Technical Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: תצוגת מטוס במוזיאון הטכני הלאומי
If you have a passion for antique vehicles and aviation, then a visit to the National Technical Museum is a must. Don't let the name fool you, because this museum offers much more than just means of transport. You'll also find a fascinating display of old cameras and ancient cinema equipment, where you can learn about their workings and operations. However, the real highlight of the museum is its collection of cars. The halls are filled with stunning Bugatti and Mercedes vehicles that you won't find on any modern road. This is a recommended destination for both adults and children, making it a perfect place to enjoy with the whole family.

10. The KGB Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: חזית מוזיאון הק.ג.ב
This museum has quite a few items and displays collected over time during the Soviet rule in Prague, and the museum operators are more than happy to explain how each item in it works. You will see quite a few propaganda signs there, and one of the most interesting things you will find on the walls is a collection of photos taken by a KGB officer in 1968. Along with them you will also discover cameras with hidden and surprising guns and equipment from the KGB laboratories, and it is certainly fascinating to see what the Soviet secret service had to hide.

11. The Franz Kafka Museum

מוזיאונים מומלצים בפראג: פסלים במוזיאון פרנץ קפקא
Franz Kafka, a renowned writer of the 20th century, was born and raised in Prague, making him one of the city's most notable residents. To honor his legacy, there are several monuments dedicated to him scattered throughout Prague. Additionally, the museum offers a comprehensive exploration of Kafka's life and literary works through a collection of authentic documents, photographs, and diaries from his lifetime. Notably, in front of the museum stands the famous sculpture "The Pissers" by David Carney, depicting two men relieving themselves onto a small puddle shaped like the Czech Republic.


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