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Six Misconceptions About Flat Stomachs

There are many businesses trying to make money from the following myths. These include sports equipment companies, health product companies, medicine companies and many more. There is only one good way to achieve a flat stomach - and that is reducing the fat in the whole body, with physical activity and a balanced diet. There is still no better, indeed no real other way.

Remember these misconceptions, and check products with your local doctors before deciding on them.

flat stomach

1. Stomach crunches will make your stomach look better

Not until you remove all the fat above the muscles it won't. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about getting a flat or muscular stomach.

Work the stomach muscles will not cause you to lose fat in the stomach, the body won't burn it just from that area, but will slowly reduce the overall fat content in your body. So if you are only doing stomach crunches and not adapting your nutrition and physical activity, nothing visible will happen.

2. Just don't eat 

Do NOT fall for that. Starving yourselves will only put your body in 'keep all the fat I can' mode, because its afraid you can't find enough food to survive. This is a very slow and ineffective way to get a flat stomach.

Yes, it is important to watch what you eat and reduce on empty calories, replacing them with wholesome meals a few times a day, but starving yourselves doesn't work and may actually damage your health. Don't abuse yourselves, a lean stomach takes patience and discipline, day by day, and not meal by meal. 

3. Pop a pill, add a supplement

There is a huge industry designed to sell you on miracle diet pills and supplements that will supposedly give you a flat stomach. None of them really works. Believe us, if there was a pill that did the trick, it would be in every house and better known than Viagra.

There isn't such a pill yet. Supplements and pills will only help if you are already doing the physical work and dieting, they will not help by themselves nor are they worth taking if you are indeed doing the work, they will not shorten the process by any significant degree.

4. Packaged diet products

Such alternative products are usually packed with refined sugar as well, packed with artificial ingredients you don't need in your body and deliver very little nutritional value. You'd be much better served sticking to plain food like whole grains instead.

5. Avoiding carbohydrates

It is quite possible and recommended to eat carbs while still losing weight. The rule is: Don't overdo it. But carbs are an important part of a nutritious diet. So don't go extreme, because you'll end up doing wrong by your own health. So limit but don't avoid them altogether.

6. Once I have a muscular stomach, I can stop working out
work out

Sorry about that, but while losing the weight is enough to get a flat stomach, that stomach won't stay defined and muscular without routine work.. Men who want to continue having strong stomach muscles must continue to do their crunches on an almost daily basis, or the muscles will soften and blur under the stomach fat.

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