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Elevate Box Cake to the Level of Homemade Goodness

Cake is the best dessert. But when all you eat is box cake, agreeing with this can be difficult, and no amount of frosting will be able to save you from its dry and sandy texture. You can fool the eyes, but you can’t fool your tastebuds.

So, is there a middle ground, a reasonable solution that would combine the ease of use of box cake with the delectable taste of a homemade cake? If you want to take box cake to the next level, read on. We list 3 types of simple additions that will upgrade your cake.

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1. An extra egg and a splash of dairy

Make Box Cake Look and Taste Homemade cake topping

Most box cake directions pride themselves on requiring only a few basic additions. However, adding just one more egg than the recipe requires, and replacing the water with milk or buttermilk will result in a much richer, tastier cake.

And if you also have a little butter in the fridge, replace the oil in the recipe with equal parts melted butter. No need to buy extra ingredients, just see what dairy you have in the fridge and use that to enrich your cake. 

And if you’re making chocolate cake, you can even try replacing the water with brewed coffee. The chocolate notes of the cake will be only highlighted and intensified by the coffee.

2. Mayonnaise

Make Box Cake Look and Taste Homemade baking ingredients
Before you close the tab, wait! Mayo is not just for your sandwiches. If you have a jar of plain mayonnaise, you can use it instead of the water in the recipe to give the cake an extra moist and rich texture. Just think about it - mayo is mostly eggs and oil - and most cakes already contain these two ingredients. So, the risk of ruining the cake is zero.

3. Never forget about the toppings!

Make Box Cake Look and Taste Homemade fruit toppings

You can think of cake as a sandwich - with the batter itself being like a slice of bread, and the cream, the frosting, and the toppings being like mayo, ham, and cheese. And just like the bread in a sandwich, the cake itself doesn’t have to be the main show. 

So, open your fridge and pantry, and see what you have for toppings. Instant vanilla pudding mix makes an excellent imitation of creme patisserie, fresh fruit, and melted chocolate will make your cake look fancy and taste delicious, and canned cherries and a few dollops of cream cheese sweetened with sugar will save even the driest cake. Experiment with fillings and toppings, and you’ll never taste a bland and boring cake ever again!

H/T: Mental Floss

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