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10 Resolutions That We Can Help You Keep!

A new year brings with it a sense of renewal and a desire to undergo various experiences and to keep old promises; we get a great opportunity to refresh our lives, our body, and our home, and can take advantage of this significant symbolic moment to move things forward and commit to certain processes.


For this to really work, we've captured the 10 most common resolutions people make and added ways and ideas to help you realize each one. The most important thing to keep in mind is that change is more than possible and that you’ll be happy to return to this article in a year's time and see how much you’ve progressed. Good luck!


1. Eat healthier

This first resolution is one that we try to maintain throughout the year, but are usually not very successful. We want to lose weight, start a diet and change our habits. So how can we do this? The key to the answer lies in the insinuation of "more" that appears in the promise - trying to be perfect and eating only vegetables starting today is a sure recipe for disappointment. The solution lies not in self-discipline and in a regime that we won’t be able to tolerate, but in moderation.

If you promise yourself that you’ll cut down eating sweets to once or twice a week - you are already taking a big step in the right direction. The most important thing for you to understand is that the body considers everything you eat and accumulates, so you should develop attention to the things you put into your mouth and always strive to be on the healthier side of your nutritional balance.

2. Start working out

We've already touched on proper nutrition, but the part we all know that needs to accompany it is physical activity. We sign up for a gym or a class, come for a short period and often give up and quit too soon. Here too it is important to maintain balanced expectations and not expect to become marathon champions overnight. The desire to see results is indeed an important motivational factor, but if you exercise regularly and don’t see immediate results, you don’t have to give up.

In our age, the Internet is loaded with information that can guide you as effectively as a private trainer. It is very important that you look for an exercise routine that won’t bore you so that you won’t feel it is a burden you’d rather avoid, and try to have a regular training routine even when at home - there are a variety of ways to do it.


3. Travel

It's a resolution we all want to keep because it's just so enjoyable. The problem in realizing it is usually due to economic considerations, lack of time or just from addiction to idleness. Luckily, you can choose a variety of recreation and hiking options that’ll suit every pocket, and setting up a tent in the open air under the stars in any part of the country is always an inexpensive and exciting option. If you still prefer to stay in hotels or travel abroad, reorganize your priorities so that you can realize your ambition and break from routine.

4. Invest in relationships and family

There is something a little shameful about the promise that we will invest more in our family and spouse in the coming year - when they are the most important thing in our lives and should be the ones that get our best at all times. But the reality is sometimes complex and we are of course not perfect, but at least we’re willing to improve. The good news is that with awareness, mutual desire and a little guidance, it is possible to improve a lot in our relationships with our children, parents, siblings and the rest of the family, and this investment will reward us throughout life.

Always try to learn something new and effective about the role of parenthood, which is the most important in the world, but don’t neglect your partner at the same times, because at the end of the day your spouse is your best friend. Adopt the best tips, look for ways to surprise and invigorate, and if you have free time - lift your head from the screens and focus your gaze on your favorite people.


5. Learn something new

The brain is an organ that needs to be trained, the mind always aspires to open up and the soul wants to be invigorated. No, you don’t have to go back to school now and complete another degree, just be curious enough and give yourself the opportunity to explore the world a bit.

Try a new hobby, adopt a craftsmanship, express yourself creatively, learn a new language or volunteer in an organization that needs you. The main thing is that you feel that you are developing satisfaction and meaning from your life and nurturing the mind as well as the body.

6. Save money

If you think it's impossible to save, and that small change won’t accumulate to a large sum – you’re wrong. The moment you want to take a vacation, host a party or you’re met with a surprise expense, the amount you have on the side is what will allow you to pay for these things without getting into an economic mess. As for how and what you can cut back or save on, this you can learn in the attached links. If you only take situations where we spend too much on things we could buy for much less, then already we can have a few hundred dollars put aside.


7. Improve your external appearance

Let's face it, we aren’t always looking our best. To avoid these situations, the most exhilarating thing we can say about improving our appearance is that a small change can make you feel so much better, especially when others notice and compliment it.

When you come across an idea, a product or service that could make you feel better, thoughts like "It's not for my age," "I don’t have time to do it," or "It won’t make me look good" should be thrown aside. In addition, you do not have to pay large amounts to look and feel giddy and attractive, and the best products for nourishing your skin and hair usually come from natural sources at a fair cost. All you really need is just a desire to start and some good ideas which you can find right here.

8. Redesign your house and garden

Just as we need to change our look from time to time, our home need such a change to improve our mood when in our safe zone. We tend to invest in its design when we first move in or when we decide on a serious and expensive renovation, but smaller changes that require much less effort can occur more frequently.

With a little paint, a number of accessories and a light sense of design you can renew your home and garden and make both bloom. Start with some order and organization, throw out unused objects, grow plants and try to refurbish and recycle some of your stuff - there is no more appropriate time than the present to do all this.


9. Learn to cook and bake

Perhaps you’re not exactly a chef and cooking and baking are not a talent of yours, and that's fine. Not all of us were born with a ladle in our hand, and working in the kitchen isn’t the most natural or even loved thing by many of us. But if you have the desire and the need to learn and improve, if your family sometimes asks for food that’s a little different and if the abundance of cooking shows on TV make you want to try it yourself, it's time to walk confidently towards the stovetop.

We promise that it can be quite simple, that there are recipes that won’t take much of your time and will still be tasty and very healthy, and that all the information you need exists - you just have to follow it and start feeling the ingredients. Imagine the delightful and satisfied look of your dinner guests, and start forming your winning dish today.

10. Laugh more

If things go awry in the way of fulfilling the other resolutions you made (which will probably happen, because nobody is perfect) you’ll need a lot of humor to laugh at the little failures and get up more determined. Laughter is a matter of attitude, and the sooner you realize that life is short and that it is better to put some lightness, playfulness, and humor into it, the better your situation will be. Not only will you be happier, but also healthier, as laughter strengthens your immune system, increases longevity and is the best way to deal with difficulties, so don’t keep it for rare moments.

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