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What Do You See in This Photo? Choose and Discover Yourself!

We're all curious to discover new things about ourselves, and enjoy learning about our personality and the factors that make us who we are. It could be that in the past you've filled out long quizzes, but this simple test only requires one answer from you! Take a minute to look at the image appearing below, and try to identify what it is you see in it. Pick the closest interpretation, and you'll get some very interesting details about your character.
What did you see in the image? Click the image that is the most alike to what you saw:

A pair of hands - Combining creativity and imagination

If you've noticed a pair of hands in the image, you are a person who is very good at mixing imagination with creativity and using logic. To convince you to do something requires proof, and you'd rather rely on your sense than listen to rumors. The jobs most suited to you are those that include communication with others, and if it doesn't - you may consider volunteering to help others with your skills.

A Tree - Attention to Detail and perceptiveness

You're a person who enjoys looking at the world around them, noticing even the smallest details that together make up the larger image of the world. This trait shows itself when it comes to other people's moods, as you are very sensitive to what happens to people around you, and you know how to make it easier on them or even solve the issue. Your true calling is in research, processing data and getting perfect results. If you choose to do so, you will climb high.

An Explosion - An especially rich imagination

Seeing an explosion testifies to a very rich and highly developed imagination that often helps you in various life situations. You seem to be a very creative person with a highly developed artistic side, and even if you don't use it in your daily life, you definitely have a hidden talent that can be developed. Try to remember the things you loved doing as a kid: Did you enjoy singing, painting or any other artistic activity? Either way, try to leave more room for your creative energy.

Squiggle or Doodle - Direct and simple

If from a quick look at the image you can't see anything in it, you are a person who usually accepts things as they are. You don't waste time looking for hidden meaning, myths or urban legends. You may make decisions without taking into account the advice of others. You may want to stop sometimes and consider why you are doing what you're doing. Are you acting according to what you want to do or according to what is expected of you?

Oil Lamp - Active and hands-on

You're an energetic and practical person, who never waits for others to solve their problems and always takes initiative themselves. You often notice even the smallest things that are wrong and try to improve them immediately without waiting for help. You're not afraid to volunteer for new projects at work, and a delay or failure are not options for you. Employers are always looking for workers like you, and you are a huge benefit to anywhere you've worked. We wouldn't be surprised if you're also a great host for parties, thinking of every detail and acting accordingly.

Sun - Optimism

If your eyes are drawn to the light in the center of the image and you managed to see a sun peeking from the clouds, you must be a very optimistic and happy person. You don't allow negative things to spoil your mood, and you are able to divert your energy to the important things to you in life. People who meet you cannot ignore your smile, and you're great at boosting other people's moods. Keep it up! You're making this a nicer world.

Claws - Fear of change

As a person looking at the image and seeing crab claws, you often feel under attack and you are worried about other people hurting you in some way. Your biggest fear is a change you're not ready for, whether it's a change at work or in your personal life, such as getting along with your friends and family. While such an approach allows you to always be ready for changes, we recommend you stop for a moment and ponder: Are you not missing moments of happiness, spontaneity, and fun?

Mountains - Dreaming and adventure

The thing you'd like to do most right now is buy a ticket to fly to some new destination you've never been to. You love discovering the world and are always looking at the big picture to discover sites and places you've never seen. When you get to a new destination, you like to walk around first, talk to people and discover all kinds of quaint little shops and streets. You always come back with a large number of experiences. When you're not on vacation, you dream about it, and you have many goals to accomplish. Just remember to stop dreaming and get up to get them!
Image Source: Adme
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