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Use These Nifty Tools to Find Your Way to Happiness

Human beings all over the world are constantly in the pursuit of happiness, but it almost always appears to be just out of reach. Life can be extremely stressful at times and when things look rather grim, it can be even more difficult to focus on personal happiness. These unhappy feelings are certainly valid and shouldn’t be ignored as they can affect our mental well-being. 
So, what should we do? Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that can help increase well-being and push you a little bit closer towards your quest for happiness. These practical apps encourage you to track your mood, manage your worries, and set goals to pick up positive habits, while also letting you engage in activities aimed at improving your mental health. What’s more, they’re all free! 
We have selected the best apps out there today that might help guide you on your way to happiness. 

1. Happify

Happiness Apps, . Happify
Image source: Happify
The Happify app relies on “scientifically validated tracks” to help you build tenacity for stressful experiences. These tracks, such as “Conquering negative thoughts”, “Coping better with stress”, and “Building self-confidence” are suggested to you after you take a short questionnaire describing your life and health. These tracks are then divided into fun activities and games - ranging from guided meditations to reflective writing assignments - developed by leading scientists and experts. 
Some of these activities ask you to write down what you’re looking forward to or might be looking forward to doing for a friend. These activities have a “Why it works” icon next to it that explains the science behind these games. 
The app reports that during testing, almost 86 percent of the users agreed that they felt better about their lives after just two months of using the application. Some users even say that Happify has helped them develop positive new habits such as preventing worry, cultivating relationships, and developing better sleep habits.
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Happiness Apps, WHOLE
Image source: WHOLE
WHOLE is a fairly new app launched by The Happy Broadcast, a platform dedicated to bringing happy news stories from all over the world. The app aims to be a positive place filled with engaging activities designed to improve your mental health and happiness.
It includes features like daily mood-tracking, journaling, a social gratitude feed, breathing exercises, meditation, hydration reminders, sleep sounds, and many more habits that can be customized according to your everyday needs. You can even create a custom set of habits like controlling feelings of anger, alleviating feelings of anxiety, getting better sleep, and more from the app’s library of content. This will help build behaviors that positively promote your mental health and wellness.
WHOLE also provides stats that give insights into your mental health and the factors that contribute to it.
The layout is super cute and easy on the eyes. So, that’s another bonus.
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3. Feel Better

Happiness Apps, Feel Better
Image source: Feel Better
According to the Feel Better app, the modern mind isn't trained to disconnect easily and it attempts to keep getting you out of a negative mood and focusing on a happier state of being. It does so by first asking you to list five things you are thankful for and then starting a session where you focus on the list. In the next step, you can take five minutes to list your ultimate dream life or list five desires or priorities. Basically, it won’t tell you what to do; instead, it tries to guide you to become confident in what you want most and act on what truly matters.
Feel Better also has inspirational videos and a Mood tracking diary where you can note down how you are feeling each time you start it.
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4. Action for Happiness

Happiness Apps, Action for Happiness
Image source: Action for Happiness
Action for Happiness is a free 10-day program that promises to promote a sense of satisfaction and contentment. In this program, you will have to take part in a 10-day email course where you will get a new research-based activity every day designed to help your support your own mental health and wellbeing. Once you're done, you’re requested to give your feedback on that activity.
The Action for Happiness app provides a daily happiness task or reminder. Additionally, there’s an exciting calendar every month - Friendly February, Mindful March, Active April, Joyful Jun, etc. – that you can download for free. The platform also has an online community where you can share your own actions and ideas or feelings of joy, sorrow, or gratitude with others.
It’s an extremely simple-to-use application that you should have fun using.
You can also check out the Action for Happiness YouTube channel to listen to famous motivational speakers, happiness advocates, and others who try to spread words of joy and kindness to the world.
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5. The Happy Habit

Happiness Apps, The Happy Habit
Image source: The Happy Habit
Created by meditation teacher and philanthropist Fleur Chambers, The Happy Habit app’s focus is to help you make happiness a daily habit. But that sounds easier said than done, right? 
In the application, there are a series of happiness-oriented exercises that’s divided into three parts: Create, Grow, and, Explore. Create offers an audio-guided meditation where you are encouraged to try it as a 10-day habit challenge in an attempt to increase your happiness. Grow has a series of meditations curated for different types of needs. And Explore is basically meditation with a pen where you write your way to inner happiness by listening to its guided writing practices. It aims to make you realize what makes you uniquely happy, and what gets in the way. 
You can also listen to Fleur Chambers’ 13-minute audio training sample on the app’s website to get started. Here, she explains how you need to identify your path to happiness from the inside.
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