Which Ancient Culture Do You Belong To?

There have been many cultures in ancient times, each very different from the other. They represented different ideals and beliefs. Which ancient culture would YOUR ideals and beliefs tag you as? Find out now.
Which element attracts you the most?
Which environment draws you to it the most?
At what times are you most active?
During the day
During the night
It varies
Who do you think is in control of your destiny?
I am and only me
Some higher power
Many different factors
Which of these gifts 'speaks to you' the most?
Tickets to a big sporting event
Tickets to renting a sailboat for a day
Tickets to a world-famous museum
Free dinner at a high-class restaurant
How are you with confrontations?
I have no fear of them. Sometimes they can be beneficial.
I'll usually avoid conflict until I have no other choice
Does your life leave a lot of room for leisure activities?
Yes, I dedicate a lot of time to things that are fun for me
No, most of my time goes towards tasks, goals and projects
What drink will you never ever give up?
Hot chocolate
Can you be defined as technologically adept?
To a degree
You woke up with a terrible feeling of having a bad cold. What do you do?
Make myself some tea and stay in bed to rest
Continue my day as usual and wait for the nasty feeling to pass
I'll call a doctor and follow their recommendations
Pick the two words you feel have the strongest connection to each other.
Success - Sacrifice
Power - Respect
Art - Culture
Tradition - Wisdom
Mayan Empire
The Mayans built a strange and incredible empire in Central America, peaking between the 3rd and 9th centuries AD. It was a fascinating culture made of many conflicting qualities: A deep understanding of astronomy with human sacrifice. Incredible art and water treatment systems together with a theocracy and the belief humans are made of corn. The reason this ancient civilization fits you is because of these deep negations. These things seem to fight with each other but these warring pieces create something powerful that can do incredible things, like building pyramids or creating an accurate calendar. The Mayans were also a warrior culture, which may mean you are hot-headed but logical, able to sublimate your anger into useful channels. You can do extraordinary things if you practice self-control.
Viking culture is based on Nordic mythology - They believed that an honorable death in battle was the ultimate goal. They were famed warriors and conquerors, but also clever farmers and navigators. Their keen intelligence and fearlessness in battle took them around the world. Many believe they were the first to discover North America. Like them, there is a fire inside you, born of the flames in your heart. This is the flame of passion, which can sometimes become the flame of rage or the flame of creation. We would wager you are a person of some experience, of great social skill and even a leadership potential. You have a hot core inside you that can become unleashed or become creative. You may chafe under the constraints of constant society, and when alone, you feel more natural and wild.
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece is seen by many as the birthing place of modern Western culture. Its reign as the foremost cultural entity in the world lasted about a 1000 years before being conquered by the Roman Empire. It was made of many city states, such as Athens and Sparta. Each were unique, and yet all were part of a greater Greek culture. Like them, you are a deep thinker, lead by a strong internal moral compass that has guided you through many decisions in life. Even when you want something badly, you never fool yourself to think something is moral when it isn't. Your internal morality cannot be destroyed. It's important to you to be fair and logical. The only drawback may be a lust for the best things in life. That's not a bad thing per se, but it can get dangerous in extremes.
Ancient China
China is the most populated country on Earth and one of the most powerful. In ancient times, it was way ahead of its neighbor states in culture and technology. The Chinese culture is indeed one of the most ancient and continuous cultures in the world. This stability is something that would draw you. The traditions, the respect for the past - these are things that touch you deeply. Some people may find you hard to read, because you hide a lot of the deep spirituality inside you. You fear to lose parts of you that have a connection to your ancestors and your past, and so you make it a routine to honor them.