What is Your Communication Style?

 This personality test is based on the theory that communication begins with our eyes. Based on what captures our attention, as we test it in different ways, the quiz tries to figure out how your attention attests to the way you communicate outside yourself. Ready for self-discovery?
Choose an apple:
Choose a ballerina:
Choose a dog:
Choose the image that attracts you the most
Choose a car:
Choose the horse image that makes you feel the most FREE.
Choose the toast that makes you want to eat the most!
Choose your preferred dream house:
Choose a fruit shake:
Choose a tiger:
Choose a bed you'd like to take a relaxing sleep in:
Choose a place to travel to:
Your test result seem to indicate a passive communication style. In other words, you are something very rare these days - a listener. You are the one people come to in order to tell their stories uninterrupted. You are an understanding person, a humble one and probably a terrific friend. You have the ability to take your thoughts and order them, clean them up and dress them nicely before you speak. You would have been great as a Psychatrist or Psychologist or anything else that requires listening to people's stories. If you ever thought about volunteering, now you know what you'd be best at...
Your test results seem to hint at a humor-filled style of humor. You are probably witty and verbal, giving most people a little bit of a show with their conversation, and people really enjoy talking to you because you make them smile and laugh with ease. We wouldn't be surprised if you used to be the class clown, but maybe you are more of a dry wit person who just has a tongue as sharp as a shark tooth. The most important thing about this style of communication is how good it is at breaking tension down, making friends and helping bridge problematic relationships. The downside is that sometimes you might overdo it and make a joke when the person didn't want to hear one. It happens to us all, so don't let that stop you from making people laugh!
Your results indicate a rather direct style of communication, such as that we are used to hearing in movies and newspapers. While some like to run around the point, you march straight to it. You may find many conversations boring for the prose and mental gymnastics many conversationlists engage in. On the other hand, some people may feel like you are too direct and would prefer a more lesiurely conversation. But that's just how you prefer to talk, and it probably makes you a more trustworthy person who can be counted upon to be direct, honest and factual.
Your test results hint at a person with a persuasive communication style, and you would probably be great as a salesperson or a lawyer. Like them, you are good at invoking passion when you talk about what interests you, especially when it comes to persuading others to think the same as you. You tend to set long-term goals for yourself, and you're probably a highly motivated individual. You love the kind of conversations that get you pumped up and ready to conquer the day, and so you're a great picker-upper when your friends need one.
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