What Color Would You ADD?

 The following colorful personality test uses color theory to seek information about your character when confronted with new situations. In each part, you will be asked to choose a color to add to the image. Choose according to instinct, rather than careful planning...
Which color would you add to this artwork?
Which color pencil would you add to this image?
Which color would you use to write your name on this background?
You can add 3 flowers. What color would they be?
What color would you choose to paint this bedroom wall?
If you had to choose a SECOND pencil in this photo to have a color, what color would you give it?
What color would you choose to paint the skies?
Choose a color to add to these Northern Lights.
Add a feather and pick a color for it.
You have been requested to paint the second plank from the left. Choose a color to paint it.
Add an umbrella of a certain color.
You Seek to Leave Your Mark
You adore nature and art as well as all beauty in the world. However, you don't want to simply watch it go by. Your soul aches to add to it, to remake the world just a little bit by contributing a part of yourself to it. There are many ways one can do so. You can be an artist, a parent, a leader, or even just a great friend. All these things leave their mark on people and on the world. If you want to make a more unique contribution, think about pursuing your own art, ideas, or ideology and take action to leave something of those behind.
You Flow With the World
Your color choices indicate a harmonious nature that ebbs and flows with the waves of the world. You look outside yourself and see limitless and almost perfect beauty. Nature uses color better than the most talented human artist. The universe is filled with beautiful things. Who are we to change that? You don't seek to change this world, but to appreciate it, find your place in it, and build a life for yourself that flows with it. You seek to blend with the nature and beauty, to belong to this world instead of making it into something different.
You Seek Life and Excitement
According to your color additions, you seek passion and excitement. Boredom is your enemy and repetitive patterns will make you eventually depressed. When you come into a situation that seems dull and uninteresting you would rather turn it into something more exciting rather than just turn around and head the other way or accept it. In this way, you give something of yourself, but you are also searching to be rewarded. You have passion for the world's passion. You seek interesting situations, emotional truths and a love for living. It is often the case that life makes it hard for us to achieve this, especially in our later years. Find something that excites you if you don't have one already. You need it.
You Seek Comfort and Safety
The world is a chaotic and unreliable place. Your color additions indicate you seek shelter from this storm we call life; a place of peace and tranquility, whether within yourself or as a real external shelter from worries and woe. You don't seek cheap thrills anymore, but the comfort of a well-tended home, the familiar loving faces, and the remarkable safety of knowing there's somewhere you belong. If you don't have this, you're definitely looking for it, and we wish you all the luck in achieving this worthy goal.
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