Find Out What Type of Parent You Are!

 Parenting is hard work and certainly challenging no matter what type of parent you are. There are anxious parents who hover over and protect their children from all trouble. There are authoritarian parents, orderly and meticulous people who set strict rules. There are also lax parents, those who avoid confrontation and want their children to be as happy as possible, and of course many other types. If you’re asking yourself which group you belong to, answer the following questions...
Girls with baker’s hats
How many kids do you have?
I don’t have kids, just curious about my parenting style
cellphone with a picture of two children
What is the first thing you do after you’ve taken a picture of your children?
Send the picture to family and friends
Upload the picture to social media with a funny or cute caption
I don’t have time to take pictures
Check to see if it needs to be taken again, and then click until I get the perfect shot.
Take a few more pictures, so that there are a few to choose from.
A baby doll holding a leg
When you need to call in a babysitter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Children don’t need a babysitter
My kids aren’t going to be happy about this.
The babysitter probably won’t keep me filled in on what’s going on.
Babysitter? They’re kids themselves, I'll leave them food in the fridge
I'll have to explain to the babysitter that the kids shouldn’t be spoiled
A girl sleeping with a teddy bear
What do you do once your kids get into their bed at night?
Check that they aren’t doing anything other than sleeping
Read them a bedtime story or bring them water to their bedside so they don’t have to walk around barefoot.
Call a friend or browse social media
Make their breakfast for tomorrow
Laundry, ironing and other housework
Drink coffee and watch T.V.
Shopping cart at the supermarket
You go to the supermarket with your child and suddenly they start yelling and crying, how do you deal with the tantrum?
I'll give them a snack or candy to stop
I'll hug them and try to calm them down
I'll leave the supermarket with them and check what’s wrong once I get outside
I'll ignore their behavior and continue shopping. They’ll calm down in a bit
I’ll scold them for their behavior and if necessary I’ll come up with a creative punishment
Messy room
Your children's room is very messy, what do you do about it?
I’ll leave, if they want to live like this in their room it’s their problem
Tell them to clean up and even forbid them to leave the room until they do
Insists that they clean up and even offer a sweet incentive
I'll clean the room
I’ll clean up with them and explain to them that a messy and dirty room can lead to a lot of problems
Tables and chairs in a classroom
Your child got a poor grade on a school assignment, what do you do?
I'll hire a private tutor to help them
I’ll console them and work with them on a plan that will help them improve their grade
I'll try to console them, if they are sad I'll point out their strengths
I’ll ground them until they get a better grade
I'll sit with them every night to help them with their school work
Mother and child looking at each other
The main purpose of parenting is ...
Helping children learn how to make the right choices in life
Making sure everyone is happy and doing what they want
Teaching kids to listen and obey, no matter what
Two children carrying a wagon
What will you do when your kids grow up and leave the house?
I'll keep an eye on them and make sure they are sticking to the rules
I’ll give them space and live my life
I'll help them with whatever they need
I'll call them or make sure they call me at least once a day
I'll furnish their house and fill their pantry so they’ll need for nothing
Children playing
Which picture best describes you when your kids are playing outside?
A guy with sunglasses
A woman sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee
A man leaning against a railing and think
A man cooking
A referee
Pictures of people
What word would your children's friends use to describe you?
One of the guys/girls
Film roll
Your child wants to go to the movies with friends, what will you do to make sure they don’t see a movie not fit for their age?
I’ll ask for the name of the movie and make sure to watch it before they do
I’ll explain to them the consequences of watching a movie not suitable for them
I’ll trust that they know what’s okay and what isn’t okay to watch
I'll let them go, what harm could come of it?
Make sure they have enough money for travel, drinks, and popcorn
The balanced parent:
group of teenagers sitting on a sidwalk
You control the balance between discipline and fun, and it’s obvious that for you, parenthood isn’t just rules, tantrums and exhausting “talks”. You enjoy being a parent and we bet your kids are crazy about you and think of you as one of their friends. You can be sure that your children will never forget this and will be there for you whenever you need them. There are very few people who can handle themselves in such a way, so keep on this track and you’ll be enjoying the fruit of your labor in no time.
The worried parent:
a doll of a man holding his face in worry
You are a warm and protective parent and it's obvious that your children mean the absolute most to you, but you need to understand that life isn’t black and white. You need to trust yourself and your children a little more and understand that letting go a little bit is best for them and for you. If you do this instead of spending your whole day shadowing them and making sure they’re protected, they‘ll feel safer and love you more than they already do. In addition, you’ll also be free from the shackles you’ve put on yourself and you’ll have more time to take up a hobby or do things that interest you.
The spoiling parent:
a kid eating ice cream
You are one of the most coddling and spoiling parents out there and your children think you’re one of a kind. The amount of gifts and compliments they receive from you is enviable and it is likely that the word "no" is hardly heard when they want something. There is no doubt that everything you do stems from love but it is important to note that despite this urge to spoil, it is necessary to spoil in moderation so your kids grow up to be healthy balanced adults.
The Superhero parent:
superman action figure
It seems that you have superpowers, at least in the eyes of your children, because you are always there for them and make sure they want for nothing. You are calm and collected, which means that your children - and people around you in general - have fun in your company and they turn to you in moments of crisis for help and advice. Continue on your way but remember to give your children the right to try and experience challenges on their own, and understand that it isn’t so bad if they fail at times. By the way, nothing will happen if you take some time for yourself – your kids won’t hate you for it.
The authoritative parent:
a man pointing an angry finger at the camera
You have a balanced approach to parenting based on your expectations of your children and their abilities to be mature enough to meet the conditions you have set. You want them to be independent and discover new things on their own, but only if it happens after a discussion or thought that will allow them to understand the reasons for your rules. You punish when necessary, but only when you are sure that the child knows the reasons for the punishment. All of these characteristics show us that you are not only a responsible and mature parent but also a person with excellent management skills, self-control, and common sense. We have no doubt that these qualities will serve you for years to come!
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