Can You Match The Flag To The Country?

 No matter where we are in the world, the moment we see our country’s flag, waving in all its glory, our heart is filled with warmth and the patriots among us are really moved to the depths of our souls. The sense of pride we feel when we see our flag is due to its representation of our values and beliefs on which the country was founded. We are sure that apart from your country’s flag, you know the flags of a few other countries, but will you be able to match a flag to its country? And will you recognize the symbols that appear on the different flags and know how to distinguish them? To answer these questions, we have prepared a special quiz for you, and only those who really know the flags of the world will be able to pass it...
red flag with a yellow star in the center
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
Which country’s flag has a sun?
In all three flags the sun appears, with the Argentinian flag representing the Inca sun god, the Macedonian flag symbolizing freedom, and the Kazakh flag symbolizing abundance and happiness.
All the answers are correct
flag with red blue and white stripe
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
A cube risen over a flat square surface
Which is the only country in the world whose flag is not square?
The Nepalese flag, adopted by the state in 1962, is the only non-square flag in the world
North Korea
South Africa
A yellow-green striped flag with a star centered in a circle in the center
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
The Democratic Republic of Congo
Arrows moving forward on a road
On which country’s flag does its motto: "Order and progress" appear?
At the center of Brazil's colorful flag is a ribbon with the motto: "Order and Progress"
North Korea
A red flag with a white circle in its center with a red crescent and star
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
A castle with a flag raised over it
Which country has the oldest flag ever used?
The Danish flag, known as the "Dannebrog", has been used as the Danish flag since the 14th century, making it the oldest flag in the world to be used today
a red, white and green striped fla with a trapezoid on its side
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
The United Arab Emirates
a bird in the sky
On which country’s flag does its national bird appear, whose name is also the name of its currency?
At the center of the Guatemalan flag, among other national symbols, appears the Quetzal- the national bird of the country, after which the local currency is named
Flag with a red, white and green stripe
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
Children wit their hands on their hearts singing the anthem
In which country do the flag and the national anthem share the same name?
The flag of the United States of America is called the “Star Spangled Banner”, and so is its national anthem,
golden dragon
Which country has a red dragon on its flag?
On the flag of Wales, one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom, the image of the Red Dragon appears, which has been linked to the Welsh people for many years.
A star in the sky above a convoy of camels
Which of the following Arab countries’ flags does not have a star on it?
Egypt's flag, adopted in 1984, has a golden eagle, the symbol of 12th-century Muslim conqueror Saladin. However, it has no star.
Queen Elizabeth
Which of these flags belongs to Great Britain?
Flag with a red cross and stripes
A flag with a red cross and stripes and stars next to it
A blue flag with stars and a flag with a red cross and stripes in the corner
A flag with a red cross with a hand sign in its center
white flage with a large red cros in its center and four red crosses in the corners
To which country does the flag in the picture above belong?
The Dominican Republic
flags at half mast
Your knowledge of world flags seems to be lacking...
According to the number of questions you answered right, it appears that in most cases you could not identify which flags belong to which countries, and you also couldn’t remember which symbols appear on the various flags. It is also possible that you confused the various countries and did not notice the details and the small differences between their flags. Either way, knowing the flags of other countries can open the door to understanding their cultural heritage and understanding their history, thus expanding your horizons. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you explore the subject further.
flags waving in the air
Not bad at all, you seem to be familiar with quite a few flags
By your answers, you seem to have some knowledge of the flags of the world, and you know how to identify a respectable number of them. However, some of the flags probably caused you some confusion, or you couldn’t remember exactly which icon characterizes each flag. We recommend that you check your answers and explore the subject a bit, to get to know the different flags a little better, or better yet - just try your luck again, maybe you'll be able to answer all the questions right this time!
a row of flags at full mast
Tom Page
Well done, you're a real flag enthusiast!
According to your answers, it seems that you are very knowledgeable about the flags of the world and can distinguish between the different details and signs that characterize each one. Proof that you have control over the national symbols of other countries, which indicates that you are open to foreign cultures and always ready to learn more about the world. Share your impressive results with your friends, and challenge them to try it too!
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