Where to Vacation Post-Retirement?

So you're nearing or reaching retirement (or if you know someone else, send this to them!), and you want to start enjoying your well-earned leisure time go on a great vacation. But where should you go? Take this test and perhaps we will give you a few great ideas that will answer your needs and wants.
What do you (or did you) like the most about your job?
Being part of a small group of people
It let's me take my time
That I had my own space
Helping clients/customers
What do you do when you're really exhausted?
Read a book or watch TV
Yoga or meditation
A good bath/shower and some music
Go get a something like a massage or something else pampering
What ran through your head first when you saw this photo?
"The ideal life"
"Clean, fresh air, just like I want."
"I wouldn't spend the night there."
"Where IS everybody?"
How do you prefer getting from place to place?
Bicycle or motorcycle
Other people giving me rides
By using my car
Public transportation
What is your favorite meal?
Hot, rich soup
Fresh fish with a nice side dish
A medium or medium-rare steak
A large sushi combination or a large breakfast for two
How do you feel when the weekend is arriving?
"Finally some time at home."
"There's something in the air that makes me want to make plans."
"All I need is good food, good sleep and something to do this weekend."
"Time for family quality-time!"
Choose an animal you can see yourself as...
What kind of game or sports do you like?
Soccer or basketball
What is your favorite type of movie?
Thriller or horror
Don't care about type, only about director and actors
Choose your favorite vehicle
Which of these fields interests you?
High Culture
Choose your favorite nature photo.
A Secluded Little Island
According to your answers, it seems you are a person who prefers to spend your time either in small groups, only with one other person, or even alone. You prefer spending your quality time somewhere intimate, where you can enjoy your favorite book or show in a gorgeous, relaxing setting without having to do a lot of moving around, because you're on a tiny, gorgeous little island, a place for you to get peace and quiet without any hassle.
A Country Blessed With Natural Wilderness
According to the calm and inner peace you supplied with your answers, we believe you to be a person of natural grave, who does everything with patience, enjoys the little things in life and let them take it where they will. In a manic environment, you're a little island of sanity, knowing how to see things in perspective. <br><br> So a great place for you to visit would be a place with some very rich nature, gorgeous vistas and a lot of fresh air, such as Nepal, Vietnam or Peru. These are places where you can take your time and enjoy a beautiful environment at your leisure.
A Small, High-Class Country
By your answers, it's clear to us you're the kind of person who knows very well what they want and how they should spend their time, and usually get it. You will not compromise your feeling of comfort and will prefer to wait and have the perfect getaway to a luxurious little country with very high standards, where you can get the best of it all. Places like Singapore, Switzerland, Monaco or Luxemburg.
A Classic Destination
From looking at your answers, it's clear to us that you like socializing, and places that are lively, exotic and fun. You enjoy meeting all kinds of different people, watch them and learn from them. In short - you're a people person. The classic destinations are going to be a wonderful experience for you, such as Paris, London, New York, Buenos Aires or Barcelona, or places that are classic but a little less flooded with people, such as Florence, the South of France, Berlin and other gorgeous places around Europe and South America. Of course, you'd best bring someone fun along, or maybe several! Group trips can be so much fun.