Earth's Ocean and Sea Quiz

 Most of our world is covered by seas and oceans. Even today, the human species has mapped more of the face of Mars than the floors of our oceans. They are an integral part of our planet. What do you know of these gargantuan bodies of water?
How many oceans are there?
These are the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Indian and Southern.
How much of the Earth is covered by water?
Which body of water is the world’s largest INLAND sea?
Caspian Sea
Black Sea
Sargasso Sea
Coral Sea
What is the area between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov called?
Crimean Peninsula
Iberian Peninsula
Indo-china Peninsula
Alaska Peninsula
Which sea separates northeastern Africa from the Arabian Peninsula?
Red Sea
Arabian Sea
Coral Sea
Black Sea
The North Sea is the northeastern arm of which ocean?
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Southern Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Complete the sentence: The world's smallest ocean is ________, while the world's largest ocean is ________.
Arctic, Pacific
Atlantic, Pacific
Indian, Southern
Pacific, Atlantic
If one wanted to get to Madagascar, what ocean will you have to cross?
What is the deepest submarine trench in the world?
Mariana Trench
Puerto Rico Trench
Philippine Trench
Tonga Trench
What sea lies between Jordan and Israel?
Red Sea
Dead Sea
North Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Which body of water connects to the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal?
Red Sea
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Caspian Sea
Which sea, forming the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean, lies east of Oman, south of Pakistan, and west of India?
Black Sea
South China Sea
Arabian Sea
Baltic Sea
Which sea separates Indonesia from Australia?
Timor Sea
Black Sea
Coral Sea
Bering Sea
Shall We Try Again?
Unfortunately this time around didn't get a high score. It could be that seas and oceans don't interest you much, or it could be that we just found some holes in your knowledge. Either way, why not try your hand again and see if you can improve upon your first round?
A Potential Explorer!
You certainly have a good geographical knowledge compared to the average individual, and we must say you have the makings of a curious explorer in you! You can either try for an even higher score or have a look at your mistakes and our answers.
A Potential Oceanographer!
Bravo! Congratulations on acing our Ocean and Sea Quiz! You must have a phenomenal head for geography and the makings of a career in geographical science! In any case, kudos for your ample knowledge of this planet's bodies of water.
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