People Have Different Kinds of Hearts. What's Yours Like?

Hearts are more than just organs that pump blood into our veins. They are also a metaphor used for thousands of years to describe the kind of people we are. Do we have a kind heart? A compassionate heart? Or do we have a hard heart made of stone? Has our heart been damaged? Answer this test as truthfully as you can and find out what kind of heart beats in your chest!
You notice a kitten sat in a store window. What do you think?
I want to pet it.
I wonder what it's thinking about.
It's cute, but I need to think carefully before buying it.
I will get it and we'll have a great time together.
I don't like kittens. Maybe they taste nice though.
A cute kitten. Moving on...
I must touch and feed this beauty right away!
It's all MINE! Don't you touch my kitty!
Select one vacation.
Somewhere with my friends.
Exploring somewhere.
Don't need one. I have the internet.
Experiencing a new place.
Challenge myself.
Anywhere far away from here.
Somewhere with a view where I can read from.
Something fun and active.
You come across an old enemy. What will you do?
Be upset. But not show it.
Hide away and look at them from afar.
Depends what happened. Maybe I can reason with them.
Hope they don't notice me.
Make them suffer.
I assume they're here to finally apologize.
I'll make good if they confront me.
I can't even look at them without getting angry.
How do you spend your time?
Books or work. Though seeing friends is best.
Thinking about everything.
Doing what I like.
Exploring the internet, other people, and the world.
Working, playing games, or musing on murky things.
The usual. Work, books, love. Just life.
Helping people, or wondering how to do so.
Something active, though social media takes much of my time.
You see a homeless man wandering the streets. What will you do?
If he looks bad, I'll give him money.
Watch him. Give him some food and money if possible. And think about him for ages.
Don't give money, just food.
Ask him for his story and try to help.
Consider how he got there. Give him a few bucks.
Pass him some change and feel good.
Give him lots of money.
Feel moved. Buy him some food. Then be off.
Select one dream.
Being with the person who makes me feel complete.
Finding the mystery I've been searching.
To understand all knowledge.
Find true inner peace with the beings and life-force of the universe.
Own everything and take control of the world.
Find true love.
Live a complete and contented life.
To be the best.
You notice some trash on a park bench. You...
Tell the wardens.
Slide it all off the bench.
If it's my responsibility I'll deal with it.
Clean it up. Shake my head and tut.
Inform someone.
Leave it for someone else.
Feel sad and clean it up.
Leave it unless it's really bad. If so, get furious.
Someone is repeating a lie. How do you respond?
Try to show them the truth.
Listen to them. Understand. Then give my opinion.
Explain in great detail why it's a lie.
Tell them the truth I know.
Tell the truth. Get angry if they persist
Try to tell them, but just get annoyed.
Try to make the truth acceptable to them.
Tell the truth to them, however painful.
What things do you think about?
Other people, memories, my life history.
So many things.
Facts, logic, and emotion from the POV of an observer.
Peace, freedom, love, my life's trials.
Death, darkness, and the future.
The future, love, food.
Other people. Big projects.
Perfection, life, relationships.
Big Heart
Wandering Heart
Analytical Heart
Gypsy Heart!
Dark Heart!
Worldly Heart!
Kind Heart!
Passionate Heart!
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