Late Riser Or an Early Sleeper?

Ever since I was a kid, I was always the night owl of the family, while my brother always went to sleep early and got up way before me. We both stayed with these choices throughout our lives, which means they are big parts of who we are. So let me ask YOU - Are you a morning bird or a night owl? Let's see if this quiz can answer us.
Coffee or tea?
England, Japan or New York?
Jazz or Classical music?
Music or TV?
Raunchy comedy or family humor?
Wholesome humor
I like both
Hot Sauce or Hummus?
Hot Sauce
Take a seat...
Lawn chair
Kitchen chair
Chocolate or popcorn?
No favorites here!
Wine, fruit punch or lemonade?
Fruit Punch
Are you a snacker or a "mealer"?
I like to eat by meals
I snack all day
I'll snack a bit
You are a...Morning Bird
The pale, golden rays of the sun find you up and ready, as you welcome the new day with a good, deep breath. Let's get some coffee and start our day. It's lovely outside, and quiet in the morning, and you get so much done without having to hurry. That's why you're a morning bird, you go to sleep early and wake up early, and get so much more done that you are relaxed by lunch, busy in your day.
You are a...Night Owl!
The evening grows long, but you're not sleepy, you're just getting into your groove. The night is soft and quiet, and you enjoy it more than any other time. That is why you prefer to go to sleep late when you can. It doesn't work with morning schedules, but it would be your choice, because you enjoy this time like the night owl you are.
You are.... BOTH!
You've been a night owl... and you've been a morning bird, and you still change between the two! The quiet of nighttime is equal to the silence of the early morning. The peace of night is nice, but sometimes you need to get things done and that feels good too. Sometimes you want to stay up late and read a book or watch TV and sometimes you just can't wait to hit the sack and call it a day, enjoying the early morning time and the energy that comes with that time of day. It's all good.
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