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These Remarkable Animals Add Beauty to the World

Whatever we humans have beautifully made, we were always first influenced by nature. The plants, the animals, and the very scenery around us inspired us to create our own beauty. Even today, in my eyes there is little that can compete with the luminosity and majesty of the world's creatures. Before you are 15 kaleidoscopic examples of animals that add splashes of color and strokes of beauty to life. 
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1. The Violet Snail (Janthina Janthina)
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThe violet snail spends its life drifting on the ocean surface in warm seas, feeding on jelly fish. Surprisingly it starts its life as a male and changes to a female over time. Its shell is smooth and violaceous, with a paler upper surface. The height of its shell measures up to 1.5 inches in height and 1.6 inches in width.
2. Pink Orchid Mantis 
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThe pink orchid mantis resides in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Characteristically colorful, the mantis alters between pink and brown, depending on the color of its background. And as its name implies, it expertly duplicates parts of the orchid flower.
3. Nicobar Pigeon
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThe Nicobar Pigeon is the closest living relative of the extinct dodo. The pigeon is relatively large, measuring 16 inches in length. Females tend to be slightly smaller than the males.
4. Regal Ringneck Snake
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThis snake is found in south-western United States and northern Mexico. Like most brightly-colored animals, this snake is the most venomous of all ringneck snakes. Its venom is incredibly potent, and works within a matter of minutes, paralyzing victims, to make them easier to consume. It usually feeds on lizards.
5. Pink Katydid
amazing photos of beautiful animalsYou're probably wondering where the Pink Katydid got its unusual name from. While it may sound like a scientific designation, its name is actually due to the noise that the insect makes, forming a song of sorts: 'katy did katy didn't katy did'. There are many species, some look like leaves or other shrubbery, while others have evolved to look like slime mold. Surprisingly, the pink katydids do not stand out quite as much as you would expect. It is often camouflaged among pink flowers.
6. Cobalt Blue Tarantula
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThough named cobalt blue, this tarantula actually appears black to the naked eye. Only upon closer inspection or under red light does its stunning bright blue color become apparent. Most other tarantula species are armed with stinging hairs on their abdomens which they flick at their enemies. Yet the cobalt blue relies solely on vertical fangs, which can inflict a painful bite.
7. Ayam Cemani Rooster
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThis rare breed is completely black, from head to toe. Incredibly, its meat, bones, and organs are also black. In fact its considered a luxury breed. Just one chicken fetches between $2000 to $2500.  
8. Pink Robin
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThis small tubby bird, found in south-eastern Australia, is known to be quieter than other robins. Weighing just 0.35 oz, this robin species displays striking sexual dimorphism, where only the males are decorated in pink, framed by a smoky black throat, head, and back. The females are far more subdued. 
9. American Lobster
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThis species of lobster is found on the Atlantic coast of North America. It can reach a body length of 25 inches and has a body mass of over 40 lbs, making it one of the heaviest crustaceans in the world. They are usually bluish green to brown with red spines. Other color variations have also been observed.
10. The Halloween Moon Crab
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThis crab sports a brilliant mask that has inspired other nicknames, including Moon Crab, Mexican land Crab, and Mouthless Crab. They occupy coastal Mexico and Central America regions and can be found as far south as Peru. Halloween crabs spend most of their time on land, returning to the water to lay their eggs.
11. The Indian Bull Frog
amazing photos of beautiful animals

This frog has attracted much attention for one main reason - its incredible mating colors. A male Indian Bullfrog will turn bright yellow with bright blue vocal sacs. It is also believed that this frog is capable of jumping on the surface of the water, as they would on land, when they are frightened.

12. Red-Cheeked Cordon-Bleu
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThese small yet attractive African finches, with bright red cheeks (hence the name) and sky-blue plumage details are typically found in the drier regions of tropical sub-Sahara Africa, where they are common and widespread. This bird is generally peaceful and quiet but can get incredibly protective of its nest.
13. A Glasswing Butterfly
amazing photos of beautiful animalsAs you have probably guessed, the glasswinged butterfly gets its name due to its transparent wings, which barely reflect any light. By appearing invisible, this butterfly is protected from preying birds, toads, and rats. Birds especially struggle to track the glasswing butterfly while it is in flight.
14. Poodle Moth
amazing photos of beautiful animalsWhile most mammals have hair to keep their body temperature stable, insects do not have hairs for this reason. Insect hairs (setae of chaeta) serve many functions: sensing the environment, for smelling, and they are also a defense mechanism against predators.
15. Panda Ant
amazing photos of beautiful animalsThough so called, they are actually not ants, but wasps. And, as you've probably guessed, they get their panda nickname from their black and white color. The females often tend to be wingless, incredibly large (though the males are larger) and covered in fur. While they may have a charming appearance, they have a terribly nasty sting. In fact, they are often called 'cow-killer' because they are capable of knocking out a cow or other animals that are a lot larger than they are.
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