Scuba Jokes

Why was the scuba diver failing Biology? Because he was below "C" level.
I had a girlfriend that went scuba diving...
One day I lobster and never flounder again.
Why can't Bill Clinton go scuba diving?
He won't inhale.
I used to have a scuba diving business
But it went under.
I hate scuba diving.
It was the lowest moment of my life.
Scuba diving is a good hobby... if you wanna hit rock bottom.
Why did the kid pursue scuba diving?
Because all his grades are below C-level.
Brother: "I saw a seahorse scuba diving"
Dad: "Wow that's amazing, I didn't realise they had the technology."
I hate when I have to stop scuba diving
If makes me deep-pressed
I applied for a job as an Instructor at a Scuba Diving center. The interviewer wanted to know if I can work well under pressure.
I quit my job as a scuba diving instructor after my first day at work.
Deep down I realized it wasn’t for me.
When Chuck Norris goes scuba diving
He gives the water the bends.
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