Pink Jokes

How do officials start the races at the pink bird olympics? They say three... two... one... flaminGO!
How do pink birds make friends? They fla-mingle.
What soccer position does a pink flamingo play? Flamingoalie.
What is a pink bird's favorite kind of dance? Flamenco.
What is a pink bird's favorite dance? Flamin-tango.
Some pink birds can be really rude. I approached a group of them the other day and they screamed “Flamingo away!”
Have you ever tried crossing a lion with a flamingo? It will be pink, that’s the mane thing.
My pink bird friend got dumped a while ago. He was sad for a while, but now he’s singe and ready to flamingle.
Large, pink birds are a good asset to a football team. They’re very used to playing flamingoalie.
I asked a pink bird who its favourite artist was. It looked at me strangely and replied “Flamingo Starr, of course.”
What's the difference between a person that just won the lottery and a fairy in salt water?
One is tickled pink, the other is a pickled Tink.
I was astonished when my shirt's color changed from red to pink after a wash. Guess it showed me its true colors.
Why are pigs pink when they could be any pig-ment? Sow many reasons.
Why are pigs pink when they could be any pig-ment? Sow many reasons.
Pink is the early bird of the rainbow colors, it's always the first to rose and shine.
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