Height Jokes

You must have been the same height, shoe, and clothing size since you were in 6th grade.
I won't make fun of your height, I wouldn't stoop that low.
I have always had acrophobia, but the plane flight brought it to a new height.
No one could measure their height in medieval kingdoms.
Only the Ruler could.
What’s the difference between a 5 foot-tall person and a 6-foot-tall person? One person has an extra foot of height, and the other has a brain.
When my friends joked about my height in class, I replied, "At least, sums do not go above my head!"
I whispered back when someone made fun of my height. When he asked what I said, I replied, "Whatever I said went literally above your head".
What if someone made fun of your height? Just reply, "Hey, grab a ladder, climb up it and speak to my face".
Never get angry if someone makes jokes about your height. Be ready with a comeback like, "My legs are longer than the patience which I have for your jokes".
Shaun was playing beach soccer when a couple of tourists made fun of his tall height. I replied, "Can you repeat that again? I couldn't see you behind this tiny grain of sand".
Richard was standing in a queue when a guy took a shot at his height. He said, "Well, at least, us tall people can see till the end of the line".
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