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10 Familiar Summer Struggles That Women Experience

Summer's here, and you know what that means? Sun, sea, and a good deal of stress, particularly if you're a woman. What follows is a compassionate ode to women all around the world who have to prepare for and deal with plenty of summer struggles year after year. Here are ten of the most common summer challenges women face:

1. Tan LinesSummer Struggles for Women

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If you burn or tan very easily, you'll often find that you've got awkward gridlines over your body to prove it that match up exactly with your summer clothes and swimwear. Unless you like to sunbathe naked, of course.

2. Thigh Chafing

Walking around in the sweltering heat often causes your thighs to rub together, causing chafing. Not only is this experience highly uncomfortable, but it can actually be really painful in some cases.

3. Butt SweatSummer Struggles for Women

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We all know what this feels like. It often ends up creeping up on you every time you sit down, and can even leave a visible patch of sweat on your rear or make awkward sloshing sounds when you stand up or walk.

4. Breast Sweat

Another unpleasant summer struggle is pools of sweat forming under or around your breasts. If you're lucky, it will look like a butterfly. If you're unlucky, it might end up resembling a face.

5. Jumpsuits and RompersSummer Struggles for Women

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These are all fun and games until you need to use the bathroom. Do you enjoy getting naked in public restroom stalls? We sure don't!

6. Neck Sweat

If you forget to wear a hair band in the heat of the day and end up wearing your hair down, the sticky sensation of sweat on your neck may end up being absolutely unbearable.

7. Sandal FeetSummer Struggles for Women

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Also known as 'flip-flop feet', this is when your entire feet become caked in dirt, dust or grime, except for the places that were covered by straps.

8. Raccoon Eyes

Beware of the sea, swimming pools or sweating too much if you're wearing mascara. Otherwise, you might just end up looking like a raccoon, or worse...

9. Constantly Having to Shave
Summer Struggles for Women

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Unless you want to go out looking like a cactus, you're probably going to have to shave fairly often when summer comes around. This is especially true if you're a fan of wearing shorts instead of long flowing dresses.

10. Bra Burns

This one is typically the result of getting sunburnt, especially if you were wearing a particularly skimpy swimsuit or were sunbathing topless. If this happens to you, remember to apply plenty of aloe vera or after-sun cream, before gently sliding your bra straps into place.

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