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14 Wholesome Photos That’ll Make Your Heart Feel Full

We all have days when we feel uninspired, lonely, or sad. In such moments, looking back on happy memories, having wholesome interactions with our friends, or even doing something nice for your pets could really make your heart feel full and lift your spirits. This is exactly the kind of thing the photo collection below depicts. These beautiful bonding moments are sure to make anyone smile, and we would definitely suggest saving them for a rainy day when you need a little help to find that smile. 

1. “My senior dog can’t swim by himself anymore, so I carry him while he takes a dip.”Heartwarming and Happy Moments dog swimming


2. He was upset because he couldn't catch a bug, so he got a little help...Heartwarming and Happy Moments cat


3. These two are destined to be best budsHeartwarming and Happy Moments baby and kitty

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4. These 3 workers realized they were all wearing the same coat, so the obvious thing to do was zip them into one 3-person coat.Heartwarming and Happy Moments three men hugging


5. Anxiously waiting for mom to get the toy from under the stoveHeartwarming and Happy Moments cats


6. Who said unicorns don't exist?
Heartwarming and Happy Moments unicorn shadow

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7. Mykonos protecting his new brother, TheodoreHeartwarming and Happy Moments dog and baby


8. Say hello to Blu - he is still so tiny!Heartwarming and Happy Moments puppy


9. “Today our cat gave birth to 4 kittens, and her blissful exhausted face while hugging her baby is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”Heartwarming and Happy Moments kittens

10. This Dachshund knows how to grab a window of opportunity!Heartwarming and Happy Moments dachshund


11. “Our dog broke his ankle jumping into a boat, dad broke his ankle jumping in after him. Sad, but the dog looks totally stoked to match dad.”Heartwarming and Happy Moments broken ankle


12. Finally got his own roomHeartwarming and Happy Moments cat house


13. “My mom crocheted a couch for my cats.”Heartwarming and Happy Moments cat couch


14. The day these guys were rescued vs. a year laterHeartwarming and Happy Moments rescue cats

Source of images: Reddit

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