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Stories of Survivors and High Achievers That Will Leave You in Awe

 Here is an invitation to listen to some great stories. Stories full of horror but also success against all odds, stories of barely surviving, of tackling obstacle after obstacle to achieve a meaningful life. In this video box, you'll hear stories told in the first person by survivors and also get the chance to eavesdrop on some delightful conversations that cross generations. These are motivational stories, these are life lessons, these are inspirations. This is a mirror of what being human is all about. Welcome. 


Old Soldier Meets Young Soldier
These two war veterans share memories from the wars they fought in as if they are memories from their kindergarten days. They will answer your most burning questions about combat, as well as heart-stopping anecdotes from the war field. 
Two Times Survivor 
This man shares his incredible story. Sometimes, life is bigger than anything you can imagine, and this was exactly the case for John Hajdu, who grew up during World War II, survived the Holocaust, only to escape again for his life from the Soviet Army.  
Overnight Success Story 
How does a pizza delivery boy manage to build a business empire that explodes into success overnight and becomes a billion-pound empire? Listen to the story of entrepreneur Ben Francis about his diligence and eventual success.  
Old Nurse Meets Young Nurse
Another generational gap demonstration. Let this couple shock you with their conversation. By sharing their experiences, they essentially erase the generational gap. It's amazing how closely they relate to each other, despite the enormous social gaps between them. 
From Marine Soldier to Actor
Young actor Adam Driver shares his story in a TED-Talk. How does one come about leaving his army life as a Marine in favor of an... acting career? Thanks to an injury, he had to recalculate his life path and find a new route. Here's how it went. 
How This Woman Escaped North Korea
There are many horror stories about refugees that managed to escape from North Korea. Oftentimes, they feel like it is their duty to tell the world of the horrors that are everyday life in this country. In a calm and collected manner, Jihyun tells us how she escaped from North Korea, twice. 
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